Dog Attacked, Dragged Away by Coyotes While on Walk With Owners

by Shelby Scott
(Photo credit JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Coyotes aren’t nearly as large as their wolf cousins. However, a report from California proves they can be just as fierce. One CA woman had a terrifying experience while walking her dog as a pack of coyotes attacked and dragged it away.

According to The State, the dog and its owner had been taking a walk on Monday, September 26th in Contra Loma Regional Parkin in Antioch when the coyotes attacked. The pack of predators managed to tear the coyote away from the dog walker, despite that she’d had her pet on a leash.

“The owner chased after and recovered her dog from the coyotes,” stated the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department. “The coyotes ran into the hills prior to officers’ arrival.”

Fortunately, while injured, the woman’s dog is expected to survive the attack. In light of the event, however, officials shared important information about coyote habits. They listed crucial tips for how to keep one’s pet(s) safe from an attack.

“We share our open spaces with many animals,” CA officials said, “including some which can harm pets. Dogs (especially small ones) should be kept on leash in areas that may have coyotes and bobcats.”

Fortunately, officials further emphasized that coyotes are most commonly active at night. However, given that the coastal state’s coyote population sits anywhere between 250,000 and 750,000, it’s important to keep a close eye on one’s pets.

Following Monday’s incident, officials also warned that the canines are slowly losing their fear of humans.

“Urban coyotes are becoming very tolerant of human activities,” the department continued. “Young coyotes tend to be more active during daylight hours than adults. Home range size varies depending on food availability.”

Coyotes Show No Mercy Leaving Half-Eaten Buck Dying On Frozen Pond

As if the CA attack weren’t brutal enough, another pack of coyotes on the nation’s east coast demonstrated unimaginable ruthlessness late last winter. In January, a different pack left a half-eaten buck dying on a frozen pond. Fortunately, one empathetic hunter stumbled upon the creature. Legally unable to put it out of its misery though, he stayed by its side and talked to it until authorities could arrive to dispatch the animal.

Back in January, outdoorsman Patrick Guyette went exploring some of Massachusetts woodlands in search of new hunting trails. What he found instead was the buck captured in the gruesome video available to watch here.

With both back legs seemingly broken and his hindquarters totally shredded, the deer looked absolutely defeated by the pack of coyotes. “He seemed at peace,” the hunter noted. Nevertheless, given that he was unable to dispatch the creature himself, he shared, “I noticed that he didn’t care that I was there. He was alert, and his ears were constantly monitoring behind him; listening for where those coyotes were. But after what he had endured, he knew that me sitting there wasn’t going to inflict as much suffering as what those coyotes were doing to him.”

Eventually, a local police officer arrived and killed the suffering deer.