Dog Rescued After Being Stranded on Island for Weeks

by Tia Bailey

A dog was stranded on an island for several weeks. The great dane has finally been rescued and returned to safety.

The dog was stuck on an island in Clare County, Michigan for weeks. Zaria, the 2-week-old great dane, had run away from her owners in August. She had ended up in the middle of Cranberry Lake last month.

Animal control officers had attempted to use a drone to find her, but they couldn’t find her.

“She was in that fight or flight mode right now,” Clare County Animal Control Officer Dodson had said to WNEM. “She’s in the flight mode right now.”

Animal control then decided to try volunteer searches on the island, but that idea was eventually called off because a trap on the island was showing progress.

Rescuers had left out food and water so that Zaria could stay at a healthy weight and not starve. The trap was a “fly-to-honey” trap to help gain Zaria’s trust. The trap and trail cameras were removed after Zaria was found, and the dog was surrendered to Clare County Animal Control.

Zaria was stuck on the island for over 30 days.

Dog Found After Missing for Months

Just over a week ago, another dog that was missing for months was finally found. Farrah, a golden retriever, was missing for three months following a car crash in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

According to ABC affiliate KRDO, Farrah was in the car with her owner’s father when he suffered from a seizure and crashed the car. Farrah reportedly ran away from the accident and into the nearby wilderness.

Taylor Salazar, her owner, was sure she was alive because nearby residents had captured videos of her on surveillance cameras and in person. However, when they would try to catch Farrah, she would take off.

“If they got too close, she’d run away and she knew where to go. She was hiding,” Salazar said.

Thankfully, the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office came up with an idea. The dispatcher at the office remembered that the sheriff’s office’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) team was planning a training mission with their drone. They decided to use this to help find Farrah.

After finding the location where she was last seen, Salazar and the officers went to the location, and Salazar lured her out with chicken meat.

Farrah popped right out, and thankfully has been returned home.

Vets believe she may have been hit by a car, and she will need one of her legs amputated. She weighed half of her previous body weight.

Although Farrah wasn’t in the best health, Salazar is very thankful to have her home. The golden retriever is finally home safe after three months.