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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Bags Monster Buck: See His Photo

by Brett Stayton
Uncle Si Swag Surfing At The Podium
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

If you’re one of the millions of people who tuned into Duck Dynasty during the show’s 11 seasons, then you very likely recognize Uncle Si. He was arguably the most entertaining character on the show. Though the show isn’t on TV anymore, Uncle Si is still hanging around the Duck and Buck Commander crew though. A recent photo shows him with a hell of a buck from a hunt down in Mississippi.

The Duck Dynasty show focused on the Robertson family from Louisiana. They own and operate a hunting enterprise known as Duck Commander. It was founded by Phil Robertson in 1973. Silas Robertson, also known as Uncle Si is his brother. Since the 70s it has grown from a small mom-and-pop operation crafting duck calls and decoys into a multi-million-dollar outdoor empire. Part of that business portfolio also includes Buck Commander, which focuses on deer hunting instead of duck hunting. Uncle Si was a longtime employee of the brand, but when Duck Dynasty put the operation on TV he stole the show. Though the TV show last aired in 2017, Uncle Si has remained a popular figure.

Not a lot of additional details were provided about the hunt. The deer has multiple drop tines though and is an absolute monster. Hard to tell what kind of rifle Uncle Si is shooting, but it’s got an awesome-looking suppressor on it.

Uncle Si Remains A Huge Supporter of Military Veterans

In the fall of 2021, Hook & Barrel Magazine took a deep dive into finding out more about who Uncle Si is off the camera. Though re-runs of Duck Dynasty remain popular on Netflix, Uncle Si is still making new content through his podcast known as the Duck Call Room. It includes many of the other guys from the show who work together making ducks calls for Duck Commander. Uncle Si recently discussed getting emotional on a Texas deer hunt on the show.

Through a rather lengthy Q&A session, Uncle Si revealed quite a few details that provide a glimpse into who he is outside of the TV and Podcast. His life story is a fascinating journey.

After spending one semester at Louisiana State University, he dropped out and decided college wasn’t for him. Soon after he was drafted by the U.S. Army to work in a supplies division and sent to Vietnam. After three years in Vietnam, he got out of the Army and moved back home where he married his wife. After being out of the Army for more than a year, his wife said he seemed way happier when he was in the Army. So he joined back up, again working in supply. He served in the Army for 24 years before retiring. By the time he retired, his brother had started a successful duck call company so Si went to work helping out.

Though he’s known mostly for his hilarious on-screen antics and for his hunting adventures, Uncle Si remains an outspoken advocate for supporting veterans. He said the horrors he witnessed in Vietnam were hard to shake. His experience in war is what drove him to drink heavily in his younger years. Something his wife helped him overcome. He said his own son is currently battling PTSD from his experiences fighting overseas in Iraq. He doesn’t think the U.S. Government is doing enough to help but applauds all the charitable organizations and private entities that have stepped up to continue supporting military veterans long after they come home from war.