Elderly Hiker Rescued After Being Stranded for Days Without Food or Water

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

An elderly hiker was finally rescued after he became stranded for a number of days without food or water. The State reports that the 72-year-old man from Oregon was rescued by the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. He reportedly had been missing in the wilderness without any food or water.

This man left on foot in an area south of Hill’s Creek Reservoir in Oregon on Saturday. This news comes according to a press release from the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. In going out as he did, the man did not bring food, water, or any survival supplies. As for the man’s mindset, he thought that he would be returning to his campsite before it got dark. The 72-year-old man was reported missing to the authorities on Sunday, officials said.

Hiker Needed Medical Attention

Search and rescue crews from Lane County began their extensive search throughout the area. Officials indicated the man was found on Monday around noon, the press release indicated. The man was still alive yet required urgent medical attention. So, the man was airlifted by the Oregon Army National Guard. He was taken to a hospital in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, area.

Meanwhile, Lane County Sheriff’s Office authorities urge the public to bring a number of items with them when hiking. They also want people to plan where they are going in the wilderness. Among the key items they are encouraged to bring are water, food, proper clothing, lighting, shelter, and navigation equipment. Also, authorities encourage people to have a travel plan around where they are going. Eugene, Oregon, is located around 100 miles south of Portland.

Washington Hikers Needed Help

In other hiker-related news, two Washington state hikers were rescued from Dragontail Peak. That’s located in Chelan County, Washington. This rescue happened after an overnight mission. Last week, the two hikers were hiking over part of the Enchantments Trail. It leads to Dragontail Peak. They then reported that they were stuck. Chelan County Mountain Rescue was brought in to locate these hikers. This is a volunteer rescue unit. So, the crew located them last Wednesday. They guided the hikers to the top of the route. In fact, that is known for being quite dangerous to maneuver.

It appears that with these stories about hikers, safety measures are highlighted. When needed to be rescued, these individuals were in desperate need of help. The idea that hikers can maneuver these situations without help should raise awareness. Be careful out there on the trails. Take note of the suggested items that you could bring along when going out in the wild.