Elephant Tears Handler in Half With Its Tusks After Being Forced to Work in Extreme Heat

by Sean Griffin

A man who worked as an elephant handler in southern Thailand died after an elephant ripped him in half with its tusks in a brutal and shocking incident.

32-year-old Supachai Wongfaed died after succumbing to injuries from 20-year-old elephant named Pom Pam.

Reportedly, the elephant killed its handler when it was forced to carry wood in the hot weather. Wongfaed’s body was found in a pool of blood by police. Police responded to the rubber plantation in the Phang Nga province.

The elephant killed Wongfaed by stabbing him with its tusks multiple times. An initial investigation revealed that Wongfaed had made the elephant haul wood that morning. Some police think the hot weather made the animal “go crazy.”

Apparently, livestock officers sedated the huge mammal with a dart from over 1,600 feet away. Then, they recovered Supachai’s body.

Sadly, these incidents are too uncommon in Thailand. Another scene occurred last month in the Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. Police report that in that case, the elephant stabbed its handler to death and stood over his corpse for hours.

Duncan McNair, CEO of the charity Save The Asian Elephants, told Newsweek that these animals suffer psychologically and physically when forced to work in extreme activities like logging.

“[It] is yet another stark reminder that Asian elephants are and always remain wild animals that can attack and kill when they are abused or overly stressed by humans,” McNair said.

Elephant Tramples Woman at Funeral in India

In another similar event, a woman in India got trampled by an elephant in Odisha, on the eastern side of the country.

According to The Print in India, the incident began when Maya Murmu was collecting water from a well. The 70-year-old woman was not there long before a wild elephant from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary came by. The animal escaped from the sanctuary and made its way to the Raipal village.

The elephant charged and trampled the woman. She was taken to a nearby hospital. Then, she died from her injuries after she was taken to the hospital. After her death, Murmu’s family got together for a memorial and to perform her last rites. However, that’s when everything got crazier.

The same elephant reportedly made its way back to town during the funeral. It rampaged through the funeral and stomped on the body, threw it in the air, and then left again. It took the family a few hours to finally perform the last rites.

While an incredibly improbable occurrence, the story still remains extremely sad for the family. However, in this region of India, it isn’t uncommon for elephant attacks to take place. While Odisha suffers from occasional attacks from the creatures, humans poach their populations in the area often.