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Emus ‘Banned’ From Australian Bar After Wreaking Havoc in Town

by Craig Garrett
A portrait of a wild, female Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) in Australia - stock photo

A pair of poorly-behaved emus that were banned from an outback pub have been found, and they’ve reproduced. Yaraka is a small town in Queensland, Australia with a population of about 20 people. It has a pub that became world-renowned in 2020 because it took a stand against two peculiar guests. Kevin and Carol the emus developed a taste for a place where everybody knows your name. The Yaraka Hotel was forced to barricade the pub entrance in order to keep them out, reports the New York Post.

The emus had been stealing food and car keys from tourists and leaving behind a mess. A full-grown emu can weigh around 130 pounds. It’s easy to imagine the sort of king-sized droppings the mammoth birds leave behind. Leanne Byrne claims that it was the back-end shenanigans that turned Kevin and Carol from entertaining oddballs into full-blown public nuisances. Ms. Byrne has been dubbed the “Yaraka Mother of Dragons” by her neighbors, in comparison to Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones who raised three dragons.

Kevin and Carol were two of nine chicks that Ms. Byrne incubated after some men found an emu nest while clearing land. After she wrapped them in an electric blanket, they all hatched. Sadly, only Kevin and Carol made it to adulthood. Most of their emu siblings died in collisions with automobiles. “They love cuddles,” Byrne explained.

After the pub ban, the emus eventually disappeared into the wild

The Yaraka emus became well-known for their fearlessness around humans, and now they even appear on tourist merchandise. Unfortunately, their naughty habits came back to bite them when they were banned from their favorite bar. “They handled it. They used to try and get up the stairs and stuff, but they did put a chain across there to stop them,” Byrne recalled. “It doesn’t stop all the people from coming to see them though.”

Every year, Byrne takes a few months off to travel, and Kevin and Carol would use that opportunity to go on their own adventures. However, the emus haven’t been seen since January after her last trip. “But I have done some investigating, and I do know that they are still local,” Byrne claims. “And one of them has four baby chicks.” Byrne believes it’s best not to dwell on the parentage of the new chicks. “They’re brother and sister, so we’ll just leave that alone,” she quipped.

Even if Kevin and Carol still aren’t welcomed at the pub, locals and tourists would still love for them to drop by again. Byrne is asking them to remain in the hills until their chicks have grown since cars were so deadly for Kevin and Carol’s other emu siblings. Byrne believes the formally domesticated emus have plenty of food and water in the wild. “With all this rain, there’s lots of waterholes and everything,” she speculated. “I think they’ve got enough food and water and everything now.”