Entry Fees Waived at National Parks on National Public Lands Day: When to Go

by Craig Garrett

There’s an upcoming opportunity to visit any of the United States National Parks without charge, according to the National Parks Service. National Public Lands day is an annual event that occurs on the fourth Saturday of September. This day was created in order to inspire people to become environmental stewards. It also fosters an appreciation of the open spaces in their community. Furthermore, this day highlights how important it is for education, recreation, and health benefits to having access to these types of public places.

According to The National Parks Service website, National Public Lands Day falls on September 24, 2022. National Public Lands Day is an annual event organized by the National Environmental Education Foundation. It’s in partnership with the National Park Service and other federal agencies. This day provides an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of volunteers to help restore and preserve all types of public land. This ranges from small urban green spaces to large parks. Lovers of the environment can come together on this day to show appreciation for these unique places.

However, if you’re already booked on September 24th, don’t fret. You will have another chance to visit a national public land without charge. The National Park Service encourages all visitors to remember our veterans by visiting any of the National Park Service’s national parks for free on Veterans Day. Of course, Veteran’s Day is on November 11th.

National Public Lands Day isn’t the only free parks day

Parks may not spring to mind when you think of Veterans. However, there are numerous national parks with direct ties to the American military—hundreds of battlefields, military parks, and historic sites that commemorate and celebrate the service of American veterans. Furthermore, each national park is a tangible illustration of our nation’s core values, ideals, and freedoms. They are physical reminders of the principles, ideas, and rights for which our soldiers fight.

The striking natural scenery, phenomena, and patriotic landmarks that we value as a people have also motivated military members for generations. A few of the national parks that come to mind which have encouraged service men and women stationed away from home are The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore National Monument, The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, and The Statue of Liberty.

The NPS has five days a year in which you can visit their parks free of charge. Above we mentioned National Public Lands Day and Veterans Day. One of the days is also a national holiday, and the first free parks day of the year. On Martin Luther King Day, all national park fees are waived. In April, there’s also the first day of National Parks week. Finally, there’s another date in August. It’s on August 4th, the anniversary of The Great Outdoors Act.