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Exotic Pet Owner Claims Crocodile Sleeps in His Bed

by Caitlin Berard
Crocodile Similar to Individual Kept by Pet Owner
(Photo by Beata Whitehead via Getty Images)

Worldwide, about a third of households own at least one pet, the vast majority being cats and dogs. However, the idea of owning a Labrador or a beagle just wasn’t exciting enough for one exotic pet owner. Why have an actual dog when you can have a pet crocodile that allegedly acts like a dog?

Sure, crocodiles are wild animals impossible to domesticate. And yes, they have around 60 razor-sharp teeth set into jaws capable of tearing limbs from bodies in a single tug. But Jonathan Araiza maintains that his crocodile is a “normal” house pet, not a potentially vicious predator.

When the 29-year-old Mexico native arrives home from a long day at work, he’s overjoyed to see Gamora, his beloved croc, lounging on the couch. Rather than keeping her in a cage or tank, he gives Gamora free rein of the house – including his bed. Yes, the 5-foot croc even climbs into bed with Araiza at night to snuggle just like a dog might.

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Man’s Pet Crocodile Has a ‘Docile’ Nature, He Claims

Like any pet, the crocodile can climb on and off the couch and up and down the stairs at will. Araiza also built a pond just for her, which he keeps stocked with fish to allow her to “hunt” like she would in the wild.

Now, the exotic pet owner does admit that crocs aren’t exactly known for their friendly, passive nature. Gamora, however, isn’t like her relatives. She’s so calm, in fact, that she’s become a bit of a social media sensation thanks to the frequent videos and photoshoots Araiza posts to his TikTok account.

“There are very few cases of crocodiles that can adapt as well to captivity as she does,” he said, per New York Post. “The fact that, for her species, she is such a docile specimen that allows you to carry her, be close to her, and not get angry and nervous is surprising.”

When she’s not hunting for fish in her specialized pond, the pet crocodile eats rabbit, rat, beef, chicken, and certain breeds of crustacean, all of which Araiza purchases pre-slaughtered.

Crocodile Owner Describes Meticulous Croc Care

A typical pet, like a dog, cat, or even a hamster, requires a high degree of care. Reptiles, however, are even more demanding. Araiza’s entire day revolves around ensuring his crocodile’s health and happiness, but his cherished pet is worth the meticulous routine.

“As soon as I wake up, I go and check on [the] digital thermostat that the temperature of the place is fine,” he said. “Usually the environment is a bit cold but it’s something which is fixed simply by turning on the heater.”

Araiza then cleans his croc’s tank and water filter and anticipates her needs for the day. “I check that she does not have scratches and in general she is fine,” he explained. “By that time, she is either coming out or is already in her dry zone waiting to sunbathe.”

The exotic pet owner also owns two chihuahuas, a variety of snapping turtles, and a few alligator turtles. The chihuahuas, apparently, don’t fear their reptilian roommate. Araiza’s never found one of his toy-size dogs in the croc’s jaws. At least, not yet.