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Extremely Venomous Snake Nearly Bit Russell Crowe While He Was Walking Barefoot

by Emily Morgan
Photo. by: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor

Russell Crowe may play the typical ‘tough guy’ in movies, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to having a fear of snakes. Recently, the award-winning actor had a close call with a venomous snake. 

Over the weekend, the 58-year-old shared a pic to Twitter of a Bandy Bandy snake. He found the venomous snake in his driveway in Nana Glen, New South Wales, Australia. Bandy-Bandy snakes, usually seen in the northern and eastern parts of the continent, are only somewhat venomous. They are also easily spotted for their distinctive stripes. 

“On the driveway. Me and my buddy Bandy Bandy,” he wrote at the time. “Thankfully, his markings broadcast his presence.”

Russell Crowe, who’s a native of New Zealand, added that he broke his own rules by going outside without shoes. 

He continued: “Broke one of my own rules, walking outside, at night, without shoes. A little reminder of the folly of that choice.” After he made the post, his fans said they were shocked that the slithering snake was so close to his house.

“You live in such a beautiful country but I’m not sure I could cope. I mean could that get into your house??” one fan wrote. 

Someone added: “Brrrr always leaves a weird unsettling feeling after a close encounter with a snake Lucky!”Another user also chimed in, asking if the scary encounter was just a part of daily life when you’re living down under. 

One user penned, “I adore you.. but seeing the snake before reminds me that I will never go walking anywhere with you in the dark…” Another wrote: “Nightmares are made of this!” Someone added: “Damn! Put your boots on, son!!”

Russell Crowe shuts down marriage rumor via text

Russell Crowe also posted a clip of the unique-looking snake slithering across the tarmac outside his home. He added: “Who’s my buddy now?” The reptile is native to Australia, and there are currently five species of Bandy-bandy.

Currently, the Gladiator actor owns two homes. He has a property in Nana Glen and an apartment in Woolloomooloo, Sydney with his girlfriend.

Crowe’s run-in with the scaly creature comes shortly after the actor dispelled rumors that he’d recently married his girlfriend, Britney Theriot. 

According to The Nice Guys actor, the pair have been dating since 2020. Despite being in a serious relationship, he’s now shutting down rumors that he’s a married man. Russell Crowe recently dismissed the rumor in a text message to a radio host, saying he and Theriot “were not married” at this time.

The marriage rumors started swirling in October when Theriot was spotted leaving a hotel with a ring on her wedding finger. Previously, Crowe was married to fellow actress Danielle Spencer from 2003 until 2018.