F1 Tornado Leaves Northern Arizona Community in Ruins

by Samantha Whidden
f1-tornado-leaves-northern-arizona-community-ruins 1
(Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images)

A Northern Arizona community was reportedly left in ruins when an F1 tornado came through the area on Monday (October 3rd). 

According to ABC15, the Junipine Estates Community, which is just north of Williams, Arizona, is still shaken up after the F1 tornado left up to 10 houses damaged. Some of the homes had their greenhouses and sheds uprooted while others had trees completely snapped in half and boats in the middle of their neighbors’ properties. 

While speaking to the media outlet, Marilyn Zilka, a community member, revealed more details about the F1 tornado’s destruction. “We never have anything like this,” Zilka explained. She shared that her home was affected by the storm. “This isn’t even our tree. I don’t know where this came from. It’s like a treasure hunt, and you’re finding some stuff that isn’t yours.” 

Zilka also said her family just fixed up their home to put on the market. Unfortunately, due to the F1 tornado, that plan might be scratched for now. “We lost our porch,” she continued. “The whole porch is done. And look at the damage to the skirting.”

Luckily, Zilka shared that help came immediately after the tornado. “We have a volunteer electrician. The community came together and tries to help,” she said. “I love that the community is coming together. That’s why we live in this beautiful small town.” 

Fellow community member, Connie Telfer described the F1 tornado as being something out of a movie. “It came in like Dorothy like Wizard of Oz. You could see the stuff going past the windows. We’ve had people come and pick up their stuff. A huge water tank blew from somewhere.”

Telfer went on to add that she still doesn’t have water. Her RV was also toppled. “I’m expecting it to be totaled.” 

The F1 Tornado Also Tore Off The Roof of Porches & Shifted Homes

ABC15 also spoke to the Schmidt family, who lives in the area impacted by the F1 tornado earlier this week. The storm even ripped the roof off of the Schmidt’s family porch.

“We’ve never experienced anything like it,” Teres Schmidt echoed other community members. She said she is still processing everything that happened during the storm. “Everything came crashing down. These shelves, I had them across the wall.”

Schmidt also said that the whole house began to shake at one point. “The chimney on top… it blew off. It tore off the roof and it shifted all of the stuff all over the place. I was so scared. There’s a lot of damage. A lot of damage. Especially to the back and right here in the front. I had an assessor already come by and he says the whole house shifted to the east of the property.”