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Family Left Devastated After Crocodile Snatches Family Dog

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images)

A Far North Queensland family is devastated after their dog, Indie, was attacked and killed by a crocodile earlier this week. 

According to the New York Post, the deadly incident occurred when the family took the pup out for a walk on the lower Kamerunga Foot Bridge on the Barron River, near Cairns. Alan Benn and his daughter, Alia, who witnessed the ordeal stated that Indie “didn’t stand a chance” against the crocodile. 

“She was taken in one bite and dragged into the water,” Alia recalled. Alan shared that the spot where the dog met its brutal death is a popular recreational spot. It is also where families with kids go fishing. She’s been part of our grandchildren’s lives since they were born,” Alan explained about the dog. “So… Waking up this morning it was hard for them because they asked ‘where’s Indie?’”

A sign has been posted in the area that reads “Dog taken by crocodile 14.12.22 off the bank. Will a kid be next?”

It also has a question about what authorities are doing about the situation, which was answered with “nothing.” 

The sign also stresses that everyone in the area to proceed with caution following the crocodile attack. “Please be careful!” 

Alan further pointed out that kids are often fishing along the same banks every day of the week. “Why should we have to be worried about bloody crocodiles?” He asked. 

“We are obviously traumatized,” Alan stated. “But thankful it wasn’t our child who has stood in the exact same spot so many times before. People retrieve their lures from this spot all the time.” 

Critics Question Dog Owner Following Crocodile Attack

Although most of the incident’s responses have been sympathetic, critics have questioned why the dog’s owner would bring their pet to the area in the first place. Especially when crocodiles are well-known residents in the area. 

“Why would you take your pet there anyway,” one critic asked. Everyone knows that crocs have been there for years. Maybe people didn’t fish and leave scraps, he would go elsewhere for food.”

Another critic then asked why people would still want to walk around the areas due to everyone knowing that the areas are crocodile dwellings. “I’m so curious as to why so many people here still insist on going to waterways and creeks,”  they stated. “Where it is known that crocs resident in them. It’s a risk we as knowing humans take especially living in the far north.”

It was further reported that a 2.4m crocodile was discovered in the river. It is expected to be rehired at a farm or zoo nearby. However, the Benn family stated the reptile that killed their beloved dog was much bigger.