Family Left Heartbroken After Deer Attacks, Kills Their Dog

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Gary Chalker

After a deer viciously attacked a family’s dog last week, they made the tragic decision to put the pet down. According to the family, the attack left the dog with severe internal injuries.

Pet owner Lacey Randall said that on Thursday, her 15-year-old dachshund, Bella, was in their front yard when she and her husband, Matt Unrein, started to hear odd noises.

“All of a sudden, we heard her yelping and yelping and crying and crying,” Randall said. When her husband went outside to investigate, he saw the gruesome attack playing out.

“(Bella) was laying on her back, kind of in the defense mode, and the deer’s hooves were up and hitting, up and hitting,” Randall said about the harrowing incident.

Sadly, Randall said the 15-year-old dog was never the same after the tragedy. “(She) woke up the next morning, and she was struggling to walk,” Randall said about her fur baby. “Her leg would kind of twist out, and she would yelp and turn.”

The couple took Bella to the veterinarian Friday afternoon. Once the vet examined her, they got some devastating news. According to the family, their vet recommended the dog be euthanized as she probably wouldn’t survive surgery due to her advanced age. The family made the tough decision to put her down.

Couple forced to put dog down following deer attack: ‘It feels like one of your kids is gone’

“We just decided to bury her here in our backyard so she could just be with us,” Randall said sorrowfully. “It’s just an emptiness now in the house because it feels like one of your kids is gone.”

The incident came soon after another publicized deer attack in Evanston, Wyoming. A Ring camera captured a ticked-off buck going after a woman in her own driveway. When it was all said and done, the woman ended up in the hospital after getting gored by the beast. She admitted she was traumatized following the incident.

According to Utah Division of Wildlife Resources spokesperson Faith Heaton Jolley, deer can become more aggressive as they’re at the height of their mating season during this time of year. She encourages people to keep a safe distance from the animals and make sure their dogs are leashed.

For Randall, losing her dog came as a huge shock. But, according to Randall, her dog didn’t even bark at the deer before getting attacked.

In addition, Randall said she has lived on the street for 14 years and had seen several deer without experiencing something like this. She also wants people to keep in mind that deer are wild animals.

“It’s heartbreaking,” she admitted. “It’s sad that a deer took her life.”