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Famous Los Angeles Mountain Lion To Be Captured After Run-ins With Humans, Attacks on Dogs

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Chantal Henderson Photography)

A well-known mountain lion that has been the subject of many wildlife officials’ studies has been displaying curious and dangerous behavior recently. As a result, the California wildlife department is working to capture and evaluate the animal which is well-known throughout the country as P-22.

Officials Working To Capture The Celebrity Mountain Lion After Various Attacks And Close Calls In The Area

P-22 has had the attention of the nation for some time now. The animal was featured in National Geographic magazine, and it has had its own segment on 60 Minutes. P22 has even been featured in a major feature profile with The New Yorker. However, this mountain lion is back in the news now for very different reasons.

After several close encounters with humans and some attacks on area dogs, officials plan to capture P-22 to evaluate the animal. The reasons for this capture are to evaluate the lion’s health. According to reports, behaviors such as those displayed by P-22 recently could suggest the animal is in distress.

Because of this, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife along with the National Park Service is announcing plans to capture the mountain lion. In order to “determine the best next steps for the animal while also prioritizing the safety of surrounding communities.”

The Animal Will Undergo Health Evaluations And Officials Will Determine What Comes Next

In a recent Instagram post, the officials note that the mountain lion will be undergoing a health evaluation. After this evaluation, the post notes, experts will work with veterinarians and park officials to determine the next step in the process.

“After that evaluation, CDFW veterinarians and NPS biologists will work together to determine the next steps for the animal,” the Instagram post says. “[While] also prioritizing the safety of the surrounding communities.”

According to the Insta post, P-22 is responsible for the death of a leashed pet last month. “Since then,” the Instagram post notes, “P-22 has been reported in residential and urban areas close to his habitat in Griffith Park.”

These reports come from a variety of sources including “including sightings, video recordings, and physical encounters,” the report notes.

“P-22 is a remarkably old cat in the wild,” the Instagram post notes. This information comes from a statement released by California Wildlife officials. The statement notes that the lion is “deemed responsible for killing a leashed pet” just last month. Because of this, officials note, P-22 is “exhibiting signs of distress.”

“This is an unprecedented situation,” the report notes. A situation in which the mountain lion “has continued to survive in such an urban setting,” the report notes.

“As P-22 has aged, however, the challenges associated with living on an island of habitat seem to be increasing and scientists are noting a recent change in his behavior,” the statement adds. “This underscores the consequences of a lack of habitat connectivity for mountain lions and all wildlife.”