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Farm Raised Zebra Viciously Attacks, Mauls Man

by Brett Stayton
Zebra Showing Them Teeth
Photo by ManoAfrica/Getty Images

When a shark, bear, or other predatory animal attacks someone, it often makes news headlines but really doesn’t surprise people. However, a zebra mauling someone so bad that the animal has to be euthanized? Now that’s a surprising story worth some attention from media and news outlets. The man who was attacked by the zebra was injured so substantially that he reportedly almost lost his arm due to the injuries he sustained.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the incident occurred at about 5:30 p.m. near the town of Circleville, Ohio. When Pickaway County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, they found the 72-year-old man laying on the ground in a fenced-in field. As deputies tended to the man, the animal continued to act erratically. At one point the zebra even charged after a parked police cruiser that was meant to act as a barrier. It’s believed the male zebra was acting protective of the six additional female zebras in the field.

Police Officer Shoots Zebra After It Almost Bites Man’s Arm Off

The aggressive zebra continued to behave aggressively, so deputies on the scene started blowing air horns and yelling at the zebra to try and scare it away. Eventually, because of the threat posed by the zebra, one of the Sherriff’s deputies put it down with a firearm.

The bite wounds were so bad that the man’s arm was essentially severed from his torso. Initial reports indicated that the man lost his arm. However, he was rushed to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center where his arm was reattached. His injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. Reports also indicate that the man legally owned the zebra and checked all required boxes.

Footage recorded by police officers on the scene was recently shared by WKYC Channel 3. The footage is not graphic in nature but does show the man being escorted away as deputies have a standoff with the zebra with their guns drawn.

Zebras The Strongest Kicks In The Animal Kingdom

Though they’re not typically known for biting people, zebras actually have shockingly powerful jaws. There more well-known for the strength of their kicks. According to A-Z Animals, Zebras have the strongest kick of any animal. It’s believed that zebras can kick with nearly 3,000 pounds of force. That’s enough to kill a person or an attacking lion with just a single blow to the head. The next closest animals in terms of kick strength are the giraffe which registers with about 2,000 pounds of force and the red kangaroo which kicks with about 800 pounds of force. While a kick is the species strongest form of self-defense, zebras will routinely bite each other during disputes with one another. They will also bite predators, and apparently farmers if the situation calls for it.