Farmers’ Almanac Releases Predictions for This Coming Winter

by Lauren Boisvert

Get ready to “shake, shiver, and shovel,” declares the 2023 Farmers’ Almanac, as the publication has released its winter predictions earlier than ever. The official Farmers’ Almanac doesn’t come out until August 15, but extreme summer weather and rising prices all over the US have led the publication to release predictions early.

According to the Almanac, the United States is getting a brutal winter. In usually warm states, like Florida and Georgia, it predicts “shivery” temperatures and “wet and slushy” weather. Texas and surrounding states should prepare for “chilly” temperatures, but the Almanac predicts normal precipitation for those areas. The North Central states are expected to get hibernation level temperatures, though, with predictions stating temps of 40 below. The Great Lakes region will be “unreasonably cold,” according to the Almanac.

Out west, though, things are staying relatively dry and mild. In the Pacific Northwest, it will be rather brisk, with normal rain expected. Which, if you’ve ever been to the Pacific Northwest, is an absurd amount of rain to be called “normal.” Either way, the west should expect rather mild weather. Could that be a direct influence of the heatwaves that ripped through the west this summer? Maybe some snow will help the extreme drought out there. We can only hope, but a dry winter doesn’t bode well.

In the East, expect snow, snow, and more snow, with Florida possibly being the exception, but you never know. Especially in the Northeast, though, the Farmers’ Almanac wants you to be prepared to shovel. It’s predicting storms pretty regularly, with January 2023 looking the worst for storms in Texas and Oklahoma. Keep in mind that the Farmers’ Almanac has about 80% accuracy when predicting the weather, so do with that what you will.

What Are the Best Days to Get Things Done in the Coming Week, According to the Farmers’ Almanac?

The Farmers’ Almanac Best Days predictions are great if you like to do things but also study the moon’s phases and location in the zodiac. According to the Almanac, there are certain times and dates that are best for doing certain activities. Between the moon phases new and full is the best time to do activities that need strength, fertility, and growth. Between the full and new moon is the best time for harvesting and slowing growth. Right now, the online Almanac has dates and activities from August 8th to September 7th.

Looking at this week, since we’re starting on a Monday, August 8th is the best time to bake, cut your hair to increase its growth, castrate animals, wax your floors, gather firewood, dig holes, and mow the lawn for more growth. August 9th looks the same, while August 10th switches things up a bit: Wednesday is best for painting, killing pests on your plants, or hosting a party.

August 11th is chock full of activities like jarring jams and jellies, cutting your hair to slow the growth, washing wooden floors, digging post holes, slaughtering and harvesting meat, and hosting parties. It’s also time for health improvements like quitting smoking or going on a diet.

August 12th and 13th are great for brewing beer, canning fruits and vegetables, or going hunting. The weekend looks good too, with August 14th and 15th perfect for drying fruits and veggies, starting demolition, and picking apples and pears.