Father and Son Absolutely Smash North Carolina Swordfish Record

by Joe Rutland

A father and son decided to take a little journey on the son’s 32-foot boat to get after some swordfish off the coast of North Carolina. This involved Cary Carney and his son Brandon, according to OutdoorLife. Well, the adventure aboard the Willow B. was certainly interesting and adventurous. Want to know how much so? These two would land a monster swordfish.

The action took place off and away from Morehead City. Well, the swordfish reportedly found its way on their 10/0 hook and even 65-pound test. Luckily, the boat was rigged with electric reels. Yet a faulty fuse would not allow a particular electric reel to work. Cary would lunge and start a 2 1/2-hour-long battle with a swordfish. Everyone on the boat’s crew believed that this was the biggest swordfish that they had ever seen.

In comments to Sport Fishing Magazine, Brandon Carney said, “The fish never jumped and after about 30 minutes, dad brought it up to about 20 feet of the surface and we could see how huge it was. We got the 11-pound weight detached from the line, then the swordfish came back to life, going deeper and deeper and deeper, pulling a lot of 65-pound test line with him.”

Swordfish Becomes Quite A Challenge For Family

The swordfish would definitely take the Willow B for a bit of a ride. The boat got dragged 12 miles from the initial bite location. Now, it also would find itself in 4,000 feet of water. Once the swordfish would come to the surface, there was a new challenge. How in the world do you get 504 pounds and then some into this boat? My goodness, talk about a challenge right there.

“It wouldn’t fit through our open tuna door, so we brought it in tail first, wedging the body against the hull,” Brandon Carney said. “We fitted a rope around its bill, then tossed it over the T-top frame, then hoisted it into the boat. It took us about an hour of trying to figure how to get it into our Contender, and then muscling it in that way.”

This swordfish weighed officially 504 pounds, 8 ounces. The body would measure 104 inches from the tail fork to the lower jaw. Toss in 47 inches of sword on the front, too. Meanwhile, its girth would total 53 inches. So, this mega swordfish stomped out a previous state record of 441 pounds. The Carney catch did get certified by the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries. It almost didn’t get that way, though, because of that electric reel. It would have disqualified the catch but the hand-crank use sealed the deal.