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Father Tragically Dies Rescuing 10-Year-Old Son From ‘Monster’ Waves

by Taylor Cunningham

A father of two tragically lost his life while rescuing his 10-year-old son from “monster waves” off the coast of Brazil last week.

The victim, Danilo Torrano Rios, 36, was on vacation at Guarajuba Beach in Bahia state with his wife, one son, and some friends at the time of the incident, according to Jam Press. The financial consultant had been to the popular tourist spot several times in the past and knew the area and conditions well.

So on Dec. 3, he felt comfortable heading out into the water with his group around 5:30 p.m., after the lifeguards were off duty. But unexpected bad weather moved in. And it created massive waves and a strong current that began pulling everyone into the sea.

The swimmers quickly realized that the water was too dangerous, so they decided to head back to land. But Rios noticed that his son was struggling against the rip tide, so he swam to him to help.

Several eyewitnesses told local media that Rios easily reached his son. But once he had him, the strong current trapped both of them and dragged them even further away from shore. The father pushed his son to other people on the scene, and they were able to grab him. But Rios was unable to continue fighting the waves himself, and they swept him away. Bystanders threw a buoy, but it didn’t reach him, and he disappeared into the ocean.

The child and the rest of the group made it out of the water safely. And when his family and friends realized that Rios was missing, they called local authorities. Emergency services launched a rescue. But by the end of the day, they had not found Rios, which meant the rescue turned into a recovery mission.

Father Being Hailed a Hero After Sacrificing His Life to Save His Son From Drowning in Waves

It wasn’t until early on Dec. 5 that EMS found the father’s body in Guarajuba, Camaçari, on the North Coast of Bahia and confirm his death.

While Rios is being hailed a hero, the National Civil Defence is using the situation as a reminder for people who are not trained lifeguards to call for help in the case of a possible drowning.

“[People should never] try to rescue a drowning person if they are not prepared for the job,” the government organization said.

While the details of the incident are heavily documented, police are formally investigating his cause of death.