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FBI Steps in After Fishermen Make Shocking Discovery Offshore

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The FBI is stepping in to investigate after Florida fishermen discovered a body in the Gulf of Mexico off the coasts of Egmont Key and St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday, Dec. 10. The witnesses said they were spearfishing in the area when they noticed a plastic garbage bag in the water. They picked it up but quickly realized it wasn’t trash.

The fishermen cut the plastic and canvas underneath and discovered a woman’s body wearing what they described as a bra or bikini. According to descriptions, the woman was likely middle-aged. Shortly after they discovered the body they made a distress call. The US Coast Guard responded to the call and recovered the remains.

According to a report from St. Petersburg Police, the remains were found 13 miles off the coast. Since the body was found in federal waters, the FBI is the lead entity investigating the case.

Fishermen Find Body in Plastic Bag in Florida, While Helicopter Crash in Utah Leads to Difficult Rescue

A helicopter crash in the La Sal Mountains in Utah recently called for some delicate maneuvers from rescue crews. Search and rescue crews from Utah’s San Juan County were forced to scale a steep peak when the helicopter, carrying a wildlife research team from the Department of Natural Resources, crashed into the mountain.

Division of Wildlife Resources spokesperson Aaron Bott commented on the crash, noting that the pilots are “highly skilled,” but that accidents happen. “Helicopter Wildlife Services is operated by highly trained and responsible professionals,” said Bott. “Unfortunately, accidents occasionally happen despite the best efforts to avoid them,” but he stated that the pilots do “understand the risk” that comes with the job.

First responders had a tough rescue mission ahead of them, braving steep peaks and sheer cliffs. Using a helicopter from Utah’s Department of Public Transportation, the crews faced a “steep snowfield” upon attempting to locate the downed aircraft.

“It was a really steep snowfield kind of leading up to the aircraft,” said rescue pilot Luke Bowman. “[And] then cliff for about five thousand feet above that. They were very fortunate that the helicopter kind of stayed where it was. They could have slid a lot longer or tumbled a lot farther.” 

Meanwhile in Florida, a 10-Year-Old Nearly Loses Foot in Shark Attack

On Nov. 27, 10-year-old Jasmine Carney was swimming offshore at Florida’s Hobe Sound Beach when she felt something latch onto her foot. Allegedly, she tried to “stomp and kick” the shark that bit her, but it “wasn’t letting go.”

Jasmine was eventually able to free herself from the shark’s jaws on her own, but there was “quite a lot” of blood, according to her grandmother, Stephanie. Jasmine was rushed to the hospital, where trauma surgeon Dr. Nir J. Hus discovered that the foot was “literally cut in half.”

“All the muscle, the tendon, everything got severed all the way down to the bone,” the doctor explained. “And the shark bit her in multiple locations on the foot — it wasn’t just one bite. I think he bit, let go, bit, let go, bit, and then let go […] I think it’ll probably take another couple of months, and she’ll be back to normal,” he added. “She will have some nasty scars — there’s no way around that, but she’ll be back to normal.”