Federal Officials Propose Adding Bat Species to Endangered List After Population Decimated

by Tia Bailey

A bat species may be added to the list of Endangered Species. Federal officials have proposed they be added to the list after the population has decimated.

The tricolored bat, a bad species native to eastern North America, has been proposed to be added to the list as part of the Endangered Species Act. Federal officials held an informational webinar about the species.

The species is one of the kinds of bats that suffer from a deadly fungal disease called white-nose syndrome. A study by USGS from last year stated that white-nose syndrome killed off 90% of the species. It also killed off the same amount of two other species of bats.

According to AXIOS, the fungus thrives in “cool, humid conditions,” and its main victim is bats hibernating in winter caves, tunnels, and abandoned mines. It grows on the animals’ skin and wakes them when they are supposed to be hibernating, which causes them to starve to death.

A worry about this is that bats that survive are more likely to be more “vulnerable to other stressors.” Human disturbance and habitat loss are two examples of stressors provided.

Bats are crucial for the environment, as they help with things like pest control and pollinating plants. Because of the worry, many hope that they can be added to the list of Endangered Species.

Man Busted for Taking Endangered Animal

Just because animals are on the list doesn’t always necessarily deter people from doing stupid things. This past July, two Miami men were jailed on the charges of animal cruelty. They also were charged with “taking, possessing or selling a federally designated endangered or threatened species.”

The men had stolen a an Endangered Key Deer. They were stopped by police while driving, and they found the deer in their backseat. The men had hit the deer and thought it was dead, but when they realized it was alive, they claimed they were going to take it to the vet. However, neither of them called 911 or wildlife services.

The MCSO Facebook page shared a post about the situation. They wrote: “Two men arrested for kidnapping Key deer Two Miami men were arrested Sunday after a Key deer was found in their vehicle following a traffic stop in Marathon.

‘We always talk about our law enforcement partners as our unique community relies on those partnerships,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “Thanks to the great work by our Deputies and the quick actions of FWC, the Key deer is alive, and hopefully it will recover and be released.'”

The Facebook post then says: “The deer was taken alive to U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials on Big Pine Key where it is being treated by a veterinarian. The deer will be released back into the wild if it survives.”