Filmmaker Says Bizarre UFO Case Exists That Shows Video of Captured ‘Creature’

by Craig Garrett
UFO in flight above urban park (Digital Composite) - stock photo

The “Brazilian Roswell” UFO case has gotten people talking on the internet due to rumors that footage of a supposed “creature” may exist. It’s possible this video will be made public soon, The New York Post reports. In 1996, the Varginha incident caused a media frenzy in Brazil and made global headlines. The event supposedly involved a UFO crash and an extraterrestrial encounter that was then covered up by the military. Although officials have denied anything out of the ordinary took place, there is still much speculation about what really happened.

The case sparked a wave of “UFO tourism” in Varginha. Many locals still Insist that the Brazilian military captured two alien beings and threatened residents to keep quiet. Interest in the case was renewed more than 25 years later after the release of a documentary, Moment of Contact. In the film, filmmaker James Fox returns to the small town in Minas Gerais state to interview eyewitnesses, experts, and officials.

In January 1996, people in Varginha saw a strange, cigar-shaped object the size of a school bus slowly fall from the sky and crash in a field. Carlos de Souza witnessed the incident and spoke to researcher Claudeir Covo on camera that year. “It was floating and slowly losing altitude,” Souza said at the time.

However, Mr. De Souza said that military trucks soon arrived from the nearby ESA Army Base and ordered him to leave. The base is located 30km from Varginha, and the soldiers threatened to use their guns if he didn’t comply. Afterward, residents of Varginha were surprised as a large number of military personnel descended on the town and cordoned off several blocks. They prevented anyone from entering or leaving the area.

A ‘strange creature’ is spotted after the UFO sighting

On January 20, 1996 at 3:30 pm, a group of girls between the ages of 14 and 21 discovered what they called a “strange creature” in broad daylight. The creature was crouched by a wall near some weeds in an abandoned lot, and it was said to be approximately four feet tall. It had Brown, greasy skin, V-shaped feet, and a large head with large, crimson eyes.

In 2010, the Brazilian military said that an inquiry had concluded that the girls had actually encountered a homeless man. Liliane Silva, Valquiria Silva, and Katia Xavier returned to the location with Fox News to recount their experience as adults. “It wasn’t an animal either,” Liliane said. “Nowadays I do think it was a being from another planet.” The other witnesses agreed.

“Military X,” is an anonymous whistleblower who is interviewed in the film. He says they were involved with transporting a creature’s body from Humanitas Hospital to ESA Army Base. The filmmakers also interviewed a retired Brazilian Air Force traffic controller. They said the US Air Force landed without warning in Campinas and dispatched two helicopters to Varginha. While there, they allegedly collected something before taking it away with them.

In an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, Fox stated that even bigger updates were coming in the future. “I have personally spoken to three witnesses in Brazil. [They] claim to have seen photographic evidence — both video and stills,” Fox claimed. “There will be details coming soon … very soon,” he wrote.