Fisherman Miraculously Survives by Floating in a Fridge After His Boat Capsizes

by Taylor Cunningham
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A fisherman in Thailand whose boat capsized miraculously survived six hours at sea by turning his fridge into a lifeboat.

Anat Massoyot was working near Koh Lao Hang Island in the Krabi province when a massive wave crashed into his long-tail boat, according to Daily Mail. The vessel quickly began flooding, which damaged the hull.

The 33-year-old was miles away from shore at the time, and there were no other boats in sight. So he threw a refrigerator that he used to store his fresh fish into the water, abandoned his ship, and crawled into the makeshift raft for refuge.

Massoyot said the weather was calm when he set sail on Oct. 23. But conditions turned violent, so the fisherman was left huddling inside the fridge as the sea tossed him. And he had no idea if help would come.

Fortunately, another fishing boat passed him hours later. And the men aboard were able to pull him to safety. Once he was on land, the near-death reality set in, and he realized that he was lucky to have survived.

However, Massoyot makes a living off of fishing. And without his boat, he had no way of working.

“I didn’t know what to do,” the fisherman said. “I just waited and prayed. I’m happy to be alive. But now my old boat is gone, and so is my livelihood.”

Fisherman’s Community is Helping Raise Funds After He Was Left With Nothing But a Fridge

The next day, his community leader, Somsak Debbut, asked Massoyot’s friends and neighbors to rally. After organizing a search team, Debbut headed out to search for remnants of the capsized boat, hoping they could recover and repair it.

The team canvassed a large area around where the fisherman was found inside the fridge. But unfortunately, they found absolutely no signs of the vessel.

Shortly after getting back to shore, Debbut contacted the local government to ask if it could help him raise money for a new boat because Massoyot has no other means of earning an income.

Aside from government help, Massoyot is also getting aid from friends, family, and local philanthropists. With donations, he hopes to buy a new boat and get back to work.

A Brazilian man shared a similar story last month when he survived 11 days in the Atlantic Ocean by floating in a freezer.

Romualdo Macedo Rodrigues told the NY Post that his vessel also went down after taking on too much water. His situation was worsened by sharks, however. And Rodrigues didn’t know how to swim.

 “That freezer was God in m life. The only thing I had was the freezer. It was a miracle.”