Flooding, Massive Pipe Burst Wreak Havoc on Chicago Amid Heavy Rains

by Taylor Cunningham

Heavy downpours that hit Chicago on Sunday have left multiple city roads and homes flooded. And the chaos worsened after a massive pipe burst, damaging nearby homes.

According to meteorologists, areas in and around Chicago saw between 2.5 and 5 inches of rain during this weekend’s storms, with the northside of downtown feeling the brunt.

In the Lincoln Square neighborhood, water pooled deep enough to reach cars’ bumpers. And part of the Eisenhower Expressway was so flooded that the city was forced to shut it down. EMS also had to rescue several people after their cars were trapped in the floodwaters. And people have been reporting anywhere from two to three feet of standing water in their basements.

Soliz Rodriguez told Fox 32 that over a foot and a half of water backed up into his basement. He and his family rushed to purchase a water pump before the flooding caused too much damage. But before he could get home, a computer, game system, other electronics, and some precious memories were destroyed.

“A quarter of our basement is ruined,” he said. “We lost a lot of family photos. It kinda sucks, but we’ll rebuild.”

Burst Water Pipes Caused Geysers in Chicago Neighborhood Streets

Around 7 am on Monday, the backed-up water even caused an underground pipe along North Harding in Albany Park to explode and shoot water into the sky before eventually tapering off and leaving a huge hole in the ground. Water services were temporarily affected.

There have also been several reports of other pipelines bursting in different parts of Chicago. One person caught a geyser on video on Sunday morning.

“Walking to church this morning and water burst through the sidewalk on Chicago higher than a building,” they wrote on Twitter. “Never seen anything like this before!”

Unfortunately, The Windy City isn’t out of the woods just yet. As of today, many parts of Chicago remain under flash flood warnings as rain continues to fall. However, the weather should pass by Tuesday morning and hopefully gives residents relief.

Until then, the National Weather Service is urging people to use caution if they need to navigate the flooded streets.

“Multiple viaducts across the north side of #Chicago have had severe flooding causing stranded vehicles,” the service Tweeted on September 11. “Once again, DO NOT attempt to drive across flooded roads. The heaviest rain has ended, but expect to encounter flooded roads until the water can recede. #ilwx.”

As of Monday, September 12, no injuries had been reported due to the flooding.