Florida Boy Bitten in Face By Shark While Diving for Lobster

by Amy Myers

While diving for lobsters with his dad, a 13-year-old boy found himself face-to-face with a shark that decided to take a bite out of the diver’s lip. Now recovering from his wounds, the teen says the incident won’t stop him from getting back in the water.

Fischer Hricko and his parents were exploring the waters of the Florida Keys. Fischer and his dad, Kent, hopped into the water to hunt for crustaceans while his mom, Rhiannon, manned the boat.

The 13-year-old spotted a lobster and was on his way back to the vessel when he felt a “tap” on his leg.

“I saw a big one and I got it in my hand. On the way up, when I had the lobster in my hand, I felt a little tap on the back of my leg, and I looked behind me and the shark was in my face,” Fischer explained.

The shark grabbed a hold of Fischer’s face, taking a chomp out of his lips. Thankfully, this was all the fish took before swimming away.

Rhiannon recalled the terrifying moment when her son popped out of the water, frantically calling to her.

“He just popped up screaming ‘Mom, mom, shark! Get me out of here! Get me out of the water!,” Rhiannon said to FOX 35.

“It was honestly the scariest five minutes of my life. Just hearing that terror in your child’s voice it’s something that I can’t actually get out of my head,” she continued.

Florida Teen Was Bitten by a Nurse Shark

The toothy creature was a nurse shark, a species that are typically pretty docile around humans. For whatever reason, though, this fish decided to take a bite out of the teen.

‘It was scary, like, I tried getting away, but it was so fast,’ Fischer said. 

Of course, Fischer’s dad still didn’t know about his son’s injury. So, when he returned to the boat, it was quite a surprise to find his teen boy covered in blood.

“When I’m approaching him, I’m just seeing blood gushing out of his face, and at that point, I’m like, ‘What happened?” Kent said to News 6.

According to Rhiannon, this was exactly the reason why she tends to stay out of the water. As for her son, he now has a couple of battle scars to show off when school starts.

“He was definitely shocked, a little bit of crying — but not much,” she said. “He was being tough. He’s going to have a cool story to tell when he goes back to school!”

Fischer admitted that the next time he gets in the water, he’ll be a bit nervous, but he won’t be staying on the boat with his mom.

“I’m ready, but I feel like the first few times I’ll be a little scared, but I’ll get in the water,” he said.