Florida Man Arrested After Slaying Neighbor’s Rooster, Claims It Was in ‘Self-Defense’

by Craig Garrett

Accusations that he killed his neighbor’s beloved pet rooster landed a Florida man in jail for an entire month. However, the Florida man believes he was just protecting the people of the community. He says the rooster was a hazard in the neighborhood and had attacked him.

In a May incident, James Nix Jr. wounded his neighbor’s pet rooster, Big Roo, with a stick. He claims the rooster followed and attacked him, so he was merely defending himself. “Its neck flares up and he’s doing his thing, and he’s trying to jump up at me,” Nix explained. “I try to hit it, but the chicken’s jumping up at me and I accidentally knocked it in the head. You know, call it a lucky shot, whatever,” Nix said.“So, I’m defending myself. You know, I was fearing for my safety, and the chicken died.” Nix claims the death was an accident.

Nix clearly doesn’t regard the rooster’s death as a serious incident. “I didn’t know to give it a 21-gun salute,” Nix joked. “CPR, mouth-to-mouth, you know? Or call the chicken ambulance?” However, Big Roo’s owner doesn’t believe the death of his prized cock is a laughing matter. When Nix’s neighbor Jason DeFelice returned home, he discovered his rooster dead in a ditch. “I said, ‘I’m calling JSO,’ so I called JSO, just so didn’t do nothing and a couple days later I realized I could call Animal Control,” DeFelice detailed. DeFelice is sure that it was done on purpose.

“Next thing you know, he calls the chicken police on me,” Nix said. Nix was arrested on an animal cruelty charge for killing the rooster in June. However, he believes that he shouldn’t have been. He thinks that it’s senseless to punish him for something our society does on a daily basis. “Chickens dying every day – people at Church’s, Popeyes and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Really,” Nix explained. Hollywood Unlocked shared the viral news footage on their Instagram.

The rooster at the center of the story has a troubled reputation

So was Big Roo simply a beloved family pet senselessly slaughtered? Or was he a menace to society that Mr. Nix bravely vanquished? Neighbors disagree about the rooster’s conduct. Defelice claims he was not informed of any issues, but Nix claims that he informed him when the fowl attacked his father.

Defelice says the neighborhood kids liked to play with their rooster by throwing rocks. “I know the kids down there they played with the rooster a little bit like with throw rocks at it and chase it,” DeFelice said. However, Nix claims the kids were only trying to keep the savage animal away. “These kids that used to live over there, they were throwing rocks and sticks of this chicken to keep it away,” Nix claimed. One thing is for sure, Big Roo’s legacy will live on for years to come thanks to Nix’s impassioned defense.