Florida Man Totals Car Trying To Drive Through Huge Mudslide

by Samantha Whidden

What started off as an adventurous day at Yellowstone National Park turned rough after a Florida man totaled his car while attempting to drive through a mudslide that stranded tourists just outside the park. 

According to Cowboy State Daily, the mudslide occurred late Wednesday (August 24th) and blocked a section of U.S. Highway 14-16-20 (US 14A). This is about seven miles away from the Yellowstone National Park east gate. It is also 43 miles west of Cody, Wyoming. 

Wyoming Department of Transportation District 5 spokesman Cody Beers further revealed to the media outlet that the mudslide was triggered by rain and consisted of mud, rocks, and logs. It covered the road about a foot deep. This is where the Florida man comes in. 

“We had one drive, a person from Florida, try to drive through it [in a small sedan],” the Wyoming official explained. “Their car was totaled, but they were uninjured.” 

Meanwhile, Bruce McCormack of Cody told the media outlet that the evening turned chaotic in the area after the mudslide hit. Those who were already between the slide and the East Gate of the park were stranded. “People were being told to prepare to sleep in your cars,” McCormack explained.

He also noted many drivers stranded by the mudslide had to deal with their own personal situations for hours. “There was one young couple that left their dog and their child’s medication back at a hotel room in Cody. I don’t know what they ended up doing. They wandered off and got lost in the seas of humanity.”

Pahaska Tepee Resort Helped Those Stranded Due to the Mudslide 

Meanwhile, the media outlet reported that the Pahaska Tepee Resort just outside the Yellowstone National Park east entrance quickly assisted those who were stranded by the mudslide. 

McCormack continued to share that the Pahaska staff stepped up to make the best of the situation. “The bar was really hopping as the night wore on,” he recalled. “And after the dining room closed late, people were still coming in, trying to sleep at tables.” 

McCormack went on to add that the Wyoming Department of Transportation cleared the road of the mudslide around 1 a.m. on Thursday (August 25th). “The word must have gotten out that they had the road opened,” McCormack observed. “But the time we got up in the morning and left our rooms, all of those people were gone.” 

Big Horn Radio Network further observed that August 24th became one of the busiest evenings that Pahaska has experienced in Summer 2022. It was noted that the resort has experienced a significant drop in business during the summer season. The media outlet further reported that the mudslide luckily did not destroy the road.