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Florida Mom Dies After Throwing Gasoline on Backyard Fire to Get Rid of Mosquitos

by Taylor Cunningham
Carolyn Ann Ryan/Getty

A 38-year-old mother of five died last month from injuries she sustained after she threw gasoline on a backyard fire to ward off mosquitos. Nicole Foltz, a Tarpon Springs, Florida, resident, suffered burns over 100 percent of her body when she and her husband lit the flames on Nov. 14. Nicole attempted to stoke the fire after it dimmed, and it spread to her. Her 11-year-old son was also injured.

“She put another log on the fire,” her husband, Jeff, told WFTS. “She poured the gas into it. And it ignited and blew the can up in her hands which caused her to run, panic. She actually stopped, dropped, and rolled like you’re supposed to.”

Nicole spent three days in the hospital before she passed away.

On Nov. 23, Jeff posted a heartbreaking photo of his holding hers, which was covered in a cast. He admitted that he and his family were “on the path of recovery and healing,” but he was dealing with overwhelming “grief.”

“I’m usually a man of many words,” he wrote. “But I’m left speechless in my grief. She is truly missed in so many ways.”

11-Year-Old Victim is Still Recovering After Backyard Fire Left Him With 3rd Degree Burns

Nicole’s son is still recovering from multiple second and third-degree burns. However, he is home after spending 12 days in the hospital. Jeff has been by his side the entire time and thanked his Facebook followers for sending so many messages of love and support over the past few weeks.

Recently, Jeff shared an update that said the child was wearing a jacket the night of the accident, and it was completely destroyed by the flames. And a few days ago, he was walking through his backyard when he found her son’s shirt.

The shirt was a gift from his mother, and it was the child’s favorite. Somehow, the fire never touched it.

“This is truly amazing,” he wrote. “While going around our backyard for the first time fully today, I ran across this and cried this shirt is what my son was wearing the night of the fire… I ask how it not burned [or have] one burn.” 

Jeff also posted a picture of the shirt, which bears an anime image, for proof.

“I’m sometimes left now with questions of how,” he added. “He is so happy to know he has this shirt that he can cherish forever as am I.”

Nicole and Jeff married in 2020. She is remembered by her friends for being a “devoted wife and hard worker” who made everyone near her smile.

Her co-workers at Tarpon Tavern set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for funeral costs and her son’s hospital bills. As of Wed., Dec 7, they had raised over $26,000.