Florida Police Rescue Dog Thrown From Bridge in Plastic Container

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A four-year-old dog affectionately called “Daisy” by her rescuers has now found her forever home. This is wonderful news after Daisy faced a terrifyingly cruel incident earlier this week in Florida. According to a Facebook post shared by the Orange County Animal Services in Florida, authorities were called to help Daisy. The rescue came after someone tossed the pup from a moving vehicle.

“We Will Never Understand Why People Do These Cruel Things”

According to the Orange County Animal Services Facebook page, rescuers and Florida Police officers were called in Wednesday after “someone had tossed a plastic tote over a bridge from a moving vehicle.”

We will never understand why people do these cruel things to animals,” the Orange County Animal Services Facebook page noted on Thursday.

“[But] we feel fortunate that so many residents see something and say something,” the message continues.

“Yesterday, our enforcement section received a call from law enforcement that someone had tossed a plastic tote over a bridge from a moving vehicle,” the post explains of the Florida police officer’s efforts. “The concerned resident had stated they thought there was a dog inside,” the message continues. Additionally, the message notes that the pup was seen almost immediately. “[As] they could see it curled up inside from the top of the bridge.”

Animal Services Aid Orange County Florida Police Officers In Daisy’s Rescue

As rescuers came running to the scene, they discovered a “young female dog.” The animal was “inside a small blue plastic tote that had been thrown away like garbage.”

Despite the rough terrain leading to the area where Daisy was thrown, officers quickly jumped into action. Risking injury as they climbed down the steep embankment, pulling Daisy to safety.

“After nearly 30 minutes of climbing through thick brush, crawling on her hand’s knees, and scaling a 15-foot wall, the deputy was able to rescue the pup,” the Orange County sheriff’s office says of the brave rescue.

The Orange County Animal Services notes that they aren’t sure why someone would dump Daisy in the first place. Plus, Florida police officers note, the area where officers rescued poor Daisy sits just a short drive away from an animal shelter.

Daisy Escaped The Horrific Event With No Physical Injuries

Thankfully, Daisy did not suffer any injuries from the horrific incident. And, she has since found her forever home…finally getting her “chance at real happiness,” the local animal services organization says of the pooch.

Animal services urge residents in any community that it’s important to stay vigilant to prevent tragedies such as this one. Not all stories end up like Daisy’s.

“If you see something, say something,” Animal Services says. Additionally, the Florida police officers note, “there is no reason for animals to be treated like this.”

The rescuers go on to note that Daisy was lucky because someone noticed her need for rescue immediately. However, other animals aren’t so lucky.

“If you have information about possible cruel or neglectful treatment of animals, please contact us,” the Orange County Florida officials say. “Your local law enforcement agency, or our friends at Central Florida Crimeline.”