Florida Residents Left Fearing UFOs, Meteors After Stealthy Space Force Ship Causes Sonic Booms

by Taylor Cunningham
No Release Required.

A Space Force ship caused some excitement in Florida over the weekend after an unannounced landing created several sonic booms that led to theories of UFOs and meteors.

An X-37B had been on a secret test flight in orbit for a record-breaking 908 days, according to USA Today. It finally came back to earth on Saturday morning around 5 am, and before it landed at Cape Canaveral, it set off a series of booms that people could feel from Titusville to Kissimmee.

Some residents in Central Floria said that they could feel their homes shake, and a few wondered if there was a meteor crash or alien invasion outside their doors.

“Holy Crap! … Was driving south almost to the Cape early this morning when I saw idk what streaked overhead. Meteor? UFO? Everyone on the road hit their brakes,” one Twitter user wrote. “Figured Twitter would know, lol, but I didn’t think it was going to be X-37.”

The ‘UFO’ Has Spent Nearly 4,000 Days in Space

Jim Williams, the chief of public affairs with Space Force heard so much chatter about otherworldly visitors that he took to Twitter to ease people’s minds and post, “No, there was no UFO! In case you heard that very LOUD sonic boom this morning in Central Florida (like I did), it may have been this…”

Along with his assurance, Williams included an article from Florida Today that explained more about the mission.

The X-37B is a robotic military Boeing spacecraft that is famed for being capable of staying in orbit for extended periods of time. Since its creation, it has taken multiple trips to the cosmos.

“With the successful completion of its sixth mission, the reusable spaceplane has now flown over 1.3 billion miles and spent a total of 3,774 days in space,” Boeing said in a statement.

When it returned to Earth, it blasted through the air while following an eastern path across Florida and it landed at KSC’s Launch and Landing Facility at exactly 5:22 a.m. EST.

What the 30-foot craft does in space is largely under wraps. However, the Department of Defense has admitted in the past that it has some unclassified duties. Sometimes, the craft assists with NASA investigations. And while most of its military work is top secret, it does help with some research payloads and science experiments.

“The ability to conduct on-orbit experiments and bring them home safely for in-depth analysis on the ground has proven valuable for the Department of the Air Force and scientific community,” Space Force’s X-37B program director Lt. Col. Joseph Fritschen said in a release. “The addition of the service module on OTV-6 allowed us to host more experiments than ever before.”