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Florida Sheriff Warns of Possible Levee Break Following Hurricane Ian

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

A Florida sheriff, through his office in Florida, is warning people in harm’s way of a possible levee break after Hurricane Ian. NBC News reports that the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office says this breach might cause flooding to 70 homes. At 3 a.m. local time Saturday, a note was sent out. It let residents know that homes that are near the Hidden River levee could be affected by the levee break.

A sheriff’s office statement via a Facebook post reads, “The compromise of this levee appears that it WILL ONLY IMPACT HOMES ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE HIDDEN RIVER COMMUNITY. This levee compromise SHOULD NOT impact any other areas in Sarasota County including Venice or North Port.” At this time, deputies are still working with fire department officials.

Officials Spread Word About Dangers After Hurricane Ian

They are looking to alert residents of this danger. Everyone is going door-to-door and looking to spread the word. Now, the sheriff’s office reportedly has encouraged people who live in the community to think about evacuating for their own good. This flooding possibility might affect people who live on the east side of the Hidden River neighborhood. That makes up about 70 homes, a sheriff’s office update relayed to the public on Saturday afternoon.

There are many different parts of Florida still reeling from being hit hard by Hurricane Ian. The hurricane roared across the Florida Gulf Coast on Wednesday afternoon. That caused the deaths of more than 30 people. Meanwhile, the Medical Examiners Commission is reporting that most of those deaths were due to drowning. We also learned that two deaths did happen in Sarasota County. One involved a 71-year-old man who fell from a roof while putting up rain shutters. He died from head injuries suffered in his fall. Then, an 80-year-old man would collapse and die in his bathroom. Reportedly, he was not able to use his oxygen tank at all.

South Carolina Felt Storm’s Wrath on Friday

While Floridians deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, South Carolina felt the storm’s wrath. It did not redevelop into its Category 4 mass. But when the storm hit on Friday, it had gotten back into Category 1 status. Reports indicated the power went out in areas of South Carolina due to Ian. People reportedly found other ways to stay connected with their phones. Some may have had hotspots that they could use, too. Damage reports from this area are still being put together on Saturday. We don’t know if the flooding was as bad there as it was in Florida. But authorities are out and about, checking on people and different locations in the area. We’re still waiting on some final reports about the situation on the ground.