Three Teens Save Boaters Thrown Into Florida River After Crash

by Amy Myers
Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The town of Stuart, Florida has all but hoisted three teens onto their shoulders after the group dropped their fishing rods to help the victims of a boat crash. Rightfully so, now the local heroes are getting the recognition they deserve.

The act of bravery took place on the St. Lucie River in the Harbor Point area on October 7. At around 9:40 p.m., the three Florida teens, Nash Kennedy, Riley Kirby and Jack Aubuchon, took a jon boat out onto the river to throw out a few lines.

Not far from where they sat, a vessel crashed into an unlit channel marker, ejecting three of the six people on board. Without hesitation, the boys motored toward the people in distress. But the group soon found out that these victims needed more than a ride back to shore.

“As they got closer, the reality of the horrific impact became more apparent,” Martin County Sheriff’s Office reported. “In complete darkness, the friends immediately began pulling victims from the water. One victim was so severely injured, the friends wrapped him in their own clothing to stop the bleeding—and used their jon boat as an emergency transport vessel—moving the victims to shore where MCFR awaited their arrival. Their actions saved the lives of all of the victims.”

Thanks to the three Florida teens, the victims were able to receive immediate treatment for their injuries. Had they not been on the water at the same time as the accident, it’s quite possible that this story would have a much more tragic ending.

Florida Police Honor Teens For Their Bravery Following Accident

The Florida police department couldn’t let the boys’ efforts go unnoticed. So, after hearing word of the teens’ heroism, last night, the MCSO held a meeting at the local Stuart Rod and Reel Club where they could properly honor them.

“MCSO Chief Deputy John Budensiek presented them with MCSO collectors challenge coins which represent courage, team work, and commitment to service,” the department shared. “The coins are just a small symbol of our appreciation for the bravery, selfless and courageous acts demonstrated by these young men. Thank you to Nash Kennedy, Riley Kirby and Jack Aubuchon for a job very well done!”

Naturally, the community was just as proud of the teens as the MCSO. In the comments of the post, locals rushed to pen their own congratulations and messages of gratitude to the teens.

“They are true Floridians taught what to do and how to be safe and made sure those who weren’t were. I’m so proud to live in a community that raises kids with such skills and awareness,” one resident wrote.

Among the other commenters was Kirby’s great-grandmother, Ann Ashworth.

“I am so proud of all three of these guys,” Ashworth said. “The one in the turquoise shirt is Riley Kirby and he’s my great-grandson. Good job guys and kudos to those who are honoring them for their actions.”