Florida Tourist Attacked by Crocodile on Mexican Beach

by Taylor Cunningham
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A Florida tourist was left seriously injured after a crocodile attacked him while he was on vacation in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico.

On Oct. 7, 24-year-old Alexander Wayne was spending time on La Lancha beach with friends. According to the Mirror, the reptile attacked as he was preparing to leave.

Emergency services responded to the incident and followed special protocols put in place for human-crocodile interactions. The Security and Protection of Nayarit, Citizen Protection, and the local fire department also arrived on the scene.

Wayne was taken to Punta Mita hospital for treatment. The publication reports that the man had emergency treatment for “avulsive type” injuries to his lower area. But he is currently in stable condition.

Following the attack, the National Guard and State Tourist Police evacuated the beach to avoid more attacks. And officers immediately began posting warning signs around the beach. They will also carry out several other preventative actions in the near future.

Crocodile Attacks in Mexico Are Becoming More Common

A report by the Mexican Daily Post says that crocodile attacks have become more common in recent years. And officials are working hard to help tourists understand the dangers.

Earlier this summer, two other US tourists were injured while they were staying at a resort in Puerto Vallarta. The men, who were visiting from Colorado, went swimming in the ocean. Just after entering the water, a crocodile attacked the fist man and left him with bite marks on his abdomen, right arm, both legs, and chest.

The second man sustained injuries after attempting to save his friend. As he ran into the water to pull the other to safety, the crocodile bit his hand.

Both men needed medical attention, and the resort, the Grand Velas Vallarta, allowed their families to stay at no cost while they recovered. But multiple people asked why they were swimming in the area when it’s known for being home to crocodiles.

Mexican beaches saw several other crocodile attacks within the past year. In Oct. 2021, a 12-year-old boy from Philadelphia nearly lost his foot to a reptile while he was visiting Cancun. And this past June, a man suffered injuries to his head and hand while he was swimming in a Tamaulipas lagoon.

In August, another man lost his life to a crocodile in the Tamaulipas area.

Because of the increase in attacks, officials are asking tourists to pay attention to signs that warn of crocodiles in areas along the Mexican Coast and follow all protocols to avoid life-threatening or deadly injuries.