Florida Woman Dies After Suffering More Than 100 Dog Bites: Report

by Sean Griffin

Normally, we don’t think of dogs as aggressors. However, in this tragic case that unfolded over the weekend, three dogs brutally attacked a woman and killed her.

A Florida woman died recently after suffering over 100 dog bites in an attack from three different dogs. The 69-year-old woman was found on Sunday along a road, according to local authorities.

Shirley Johnson was walking home from her son’s house on Bonifay Gritney Road in Holmes County on Saturday evening. That’s when the three canines attacked her, Holmes County Sheriff John Tate told WJHG-TV.

A passerby discovered the 69-year-old woman’s body almost 24 hours later, Tate said. Her body contained over 100 bites, the medical examiner said.

The three dogs believed to have attacked Johnson have been euthanized, according to the report. Neighbors claimed the dogs had a history of aggressive behavior.

No charges were pending against the dogs’ owner, according to Tate, who said there was no physical evidence that linked the canines to the woman’s death.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the tragic case.

At a popular hiking trail near Draper, Utah, an unleashed dog attacked and killed a deer.

Police state the incident occurred around 8 a.m. Thursday, August 12. The Mehraban Wetlands Park and Animal Services arrived to the scene shortly after.

“The deer had bite marks on its legs on its neck,” said Lt. Dustin Willie with the Draper Police Department. “They found a deer that had for lack of a better word kind of mauled by a dog, and ultimately the deer’s injuries were so much that the officers put the deer down,” Willie said.

Witnesses helped police locate the owner. The owner was cited for having an animal that attacked another animal and also for not having their pet on a leash. Bringing unleashed pets around wildlife can result in disaster for the pet and the wild animal.

“Even the most well behaved dogs can go off and do something unexpected so it’s always important to control your animals,” Willie said.

Gary and Shirley Giles walk their dog Ranger in the area of the attack every day and were interviewed by local news outlet KUTV.

Shirley said she sees deer in the area all the time and occasionally sees dogs not on a leash while walking.

“When we’re out walking you never know if another dog is friendly or not friendly, most of them have been but there are a few of them that are not,” Shirley said.

Police said that animal services spoke with the canine’s owner. The owner was cooperative in the incident.

Video of the incident’s aftermath can be viewed here at KUTV’s website.