Florida Woman Killed By Lightning in Park While Walking With Daughter

by Shelby Scott

The Center for Disease Control reports the odds of being struck by lightning are less than one in a million. Nevertheless, we still hear about deadly strikes all too often. Sadly, a Florida mom was killed Thursday while on a walk with her daughter after a strike killed her and hospitalized her daughter.

According to Yahoo!, police in Winter Springs, Florida were called to the scene Thursday afternoon. They had received reports stating multiple people had been struck by lightning. The pair had been walking together near a park and, after arriving, personnel began performing “immediate lifesaving aid” on both the mother and child.

To this point, the victim’s name has not been released out of respect for the privacy of her family. While the lightning did not kill the woman’s daughter, the outlet had no new news regarding her condition.

Following the woman’s death as a result of the lightning strike, Winter Springs Police Department immediately released a statement.

“This afternoon we received reports of multiple people that were struck by lightning near Trotwood Park. Our officers and the Seminole County Fire Rescue responded and provided immediate lifesaving aid. As a result, the mother and her child were transported to area hospitals.”

They continued in their statement, more heartfelt.

“City staff extends our deepest condolences to the family and will keep them in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

CDC Has Labeled Florida The ‘Lightning Capital’ of The Nation

As previously stated, lightning strikes on humans are incredibly rare. However, in Washington D.C. alone three people were killed in as a result just this month. Before then, a soldier died as a result of a lightning strike at a Georgia Army base. And that’s just the beginning.

Nearly every U.S. state has reported lightning strikes this year. However, the Florida mother’s death on Thursday is especially significant as the CDC has labeled the Sunshine State the “lightning capital” of the nation.

Altogether, Florida has reported a massive total of 2,000 recorded lightning injuries over the last 50 years. Of that total, more than 30 have died as a result.

Woman Previously Struck Shares Horrifying Experience

Many of us have experienced the fear of getting struck by lightning at least once or twice in our lives. However, one New Jersey woman was lucky enough to endure the experience and live. Long before the Florida woman’s death on Thursday, the lightning strike survivor, Linda Venuto-Deal of Burlington County, Nj, shared the horrors of her unbelievable experience.

Recalling her experience from 1993, Venuto-Deal previously told Fox News, “I was taking clothes out of the dryer and was reaching in, grabbing my daughter’s lime-green T-shirt.”

Suddenly, while doing laundry in her home, a lightning strike hit the ground pipe of her arm, and electricity shot through her body. She told the outlet the lightning first reached her “pinkie finger and [her] ring finger on [her] left hand.” It then coursed through her arm, into her face, down her body, and back out of her foot.

She recalled the terrifying experience, remembering she heard what sounded like “faraway screaming.” However, in actuality, they were hers.

“It was so disconnected from me that it sounded like it was coming from outside my house,” the lightning strike survivor said.