Fox Bites 5 Kids in One Day in New Jersey Town

by Megan Molseed

One New Jersey town is facing a string of frightening incidents as a fox that is believed to be rabid has attacked five children…and possibly a sixth. The frightening attacks started at a playground in the central New Jersey town of Lakewood, notes the Ocean County Health Department.

According to reports, the attacks started around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, August 30 when a fox attacked and bit a five-year-old boy at a local playground. Another child was pounced on at their home by what is believed to be the same fox. This child, however, escaped unhurt.

Then, not long afterward, another family called in a report that three kids had been attacked and bitten in their yard. Later that night around 7 p.m. an 8-year-old boy was also bitten while at the New Jersey playground.

One Victim Has Been Treated With Rabies Shots While Another Has Been Released From A Local Hospital

At least one of the kids who were reportedly attacked by the animal received rabies treatments. Another one of the victims received treatment at a local hospital and has since been released. However, the local police department has yet to issue a statement on the attacks.

Area Residents Are On Edge As Authorities Search For Fox

According to a spokesman for the Ocean County Health Department, authorities are still on the hunt for the fox. And, in the meantime, locals are keeping an eye out for the animal hoping to prevent any further attacks.

Some parishioners at a local church, Greater Bethel Church of God, note that they are nervous because the attacks happened right around the corner. And in an area where many families gather with children during church-related events.

“That’s very alarming because you have so many children out there,” says Rev. John Jones.

“And that’s terrible when the kids get attacked or get hurt,” the reverend continues. “Anything can happen.”

Another New Jersey Community Sees Fox Attacks Just A Day Earlier

Just a day earlier another New Jersey fox attacked visitors, including a dog at the Double Trouble State Park. This area sits about 20 minutes south of Lakewood New Jersey. This attack prompted park officials to shut down the area’s green space for several days.

A dead fox was discovered this week within the park’s borders and later tested positive for rabies. However, officials don’t believe this animal is responsible for the earlier attacks.

According to reports, there have been seven recorded cases of rabies in the Ocean County area so far this year. These cases appeared in the above-mentioned dead fox, three bats, a raccoon, and two cats.