Freezing Kayaker Stranded for Hours in New York Wetlands as Helicopters, Boats Couldn’t Reach Her

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Thomas A. Ferrara/Newsday RM via Getty Images)

A kayaker got stuck in New York’s wetlands at night on October 10th in the Hudson Valley. However, thankfully, she was rescued after hours of failed attempts. Because of poor weather conditions and inaccessible terrain, the woman was difficult to locate.

The woman got lost in the wetlands of the Hudson Valley, which is north of New York City. She had to spend the night braving the elements. Her luck started to sour once her cell phone died, according to NBC New York.

Around 7 p.m., local fire departments went out to attempt a rescue, according to Rock Hill Fire Department.

The Wurtsboro Fire Department served as the lead agency on the case, according to Steven Nevel. Nevel is a New York State Police public information officer. The case “requested state police aviation,” but the helicopter was unable to assist due to heavy fog in the area.

Another helicopter attempted to lead rescuers to the stranded kayaker. However, the thick vegetation and utter darkness hampered those attempts.

Drones went out to assist but couldn’t do anything because of the fog, according to Mid Hudson News. Rescuers then went out dressed in neon and reflective suits. They finally reached the kayaker via airboat. However, they were unable to exit the “extremely dense” area, the fire department said.

The rescuers then used a chainsaw to cut through dense vegetation. They then wore wetsuits to make it back to shore, leaving their airboats behind in the marsh, according to the Hudson Valley Post.

The woman was stuck for a total of at least 6 hours.

She suffered hypothermia in the incident. Her body temperature dropped to 93 degrees, according to NBC New York.

However, thankfully, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Great White Shark Stalks Kayaker in Crazy Clip

A great white shark circled a man’s kayak in this viral video. The suspenseful two-minute clip feels endless as the kayaker waits and records the shark’s movements. The video ends while the shark still circles, but the kayaker and his companions escaped safely.

The video was posted to YouTube channel Fisherman’s Chronicles. While the kayaker paddles off the coast in northern California, a great white shark approaches his kayak.

Great white sharks reside off the coast in this part of California, especially during the summer months. Sharks often circle objects in the water, and while it’s a commonly held belief that they do this before attacking prey, scientists say otherwise. They believe sharks circle objects in the water in order to get a better view of the object.

“That’s a huge great white shark, oh my god,” the scared man says in the video. “That’s a huge, huge great white shark. Oh my god, that’s the size of my kayak.” However, he surprisingly handles the situation with a calm response. He even records the encounter: first, with his head camera, then, with his phone, and then with a GoPro that he puts in the water for great close-up shots of the shark.