French World Champion Skier Falls To Death on Mont Blanc

by Sean Griffin

Adèle Milloz, 26, and an unnamed friend, 30, died after falling off an Alpine peak on Mont Blanc before 6:15 pm on Friday.

Adèle Milloz was a world champion ski mountaineer. The pair died after falling off the peak’s route to Aiguille du Midi before 6:15 pm on Friday, mountain guides confirmed. Milloz, a double gold medalist, was at the end of her training to become a professional mountaineer and guide.

They were more than 10,000 ft. up at the time. They were working their way from Aiguille de Peigne (3,192m) to nearby peak Aiguille du Midi (3,842m).

The exact circumstances of the fall have yet to be released. Ms. Milloz grew up in the Alps. Five years ago, she won gold in individual and team sprint ski mountaineering at the Winter Military World Games in Sochi.

She retired from skiing in 2019 and was working toward her goal of becoming a professional mountain guide.

Her former coach Thierry Galindo remembers her as “talented and motivated.” Company of Guides of Chamonix chairman Olivier Greber called Adèle “a luminous young woman.” They continued, sharing that “the whole company feels infinite sadness today.”

The French Mountain and Climbing Federation also stated: “We will always miss her smile.”

Fellow hikers discovered the women’s bodies on the route after 6:15 pm. Experts consider the route a fairly straightforward one. The deaths have been ruled an accident. Police are currently investigating the exact circumstances of the tragic fall.

Adèle Milloz Remembered By Friends

Unfortunately, both Milloz’s family and the family of the other victim both lost their daughters. As family and friends grieve the losses, officials look to explain the cause of the accident and prevent future events, as these events happen fairly frequently. One French actor recently died in a skiing accident. One spokesperson recently talked about the difficult conditions in the Alps currently.

A High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon spokesperson said: “The high mountains have become more dangerous with the drought.” However, they continue, “But access was not subject to any particular prohibition.”

Climbers recently postponed trips after officials advised cancellation. Record dry conditions made dangerous rockfalls incredibly likely.

Moreover, France just recorded its hottest July. Temperatures reached 42C (107.6F) in parts of the country, and citizens suffered through the heat.

Hundreds of firefighters from Germany, Poland, Romania and Italy were drafted to Gironde near Bordeaux to help put out a blaze that began burning in early July. Europe’s record-breaking summer heatwave reignited the blaze several days ago. It forced 10,000 people from their homes and engulfed 7,000 hectares of pine forest.

More than 230 square miles have gone up in flames so far in France this year. This is six times the full-year average for 2006-2021, according to the European Forest Fire Information System.

While the extremes of temperatures have affected the country, we’re still not sure what exactly caused the fall of Adèle Milloz and her companion. However, they remain in our thoughts and hearts as many across the globe mourn their deaths.