Friends Search for Missing Colorado Camper, But Only Find Her Supplies ‘Untouched’

by Amy Myers

A group of friends had dropped off a woman who planned on going camping in Dream Canyon near Boulder, Colorado. When they returned to look for her, though, they only found her unpacked supplies with no sign of the camper.

The situation is truly terrifying for the group that arrived to find their friend missing. Initially, they dropped off the unnamed woman on September 10 at roughly 1 p.m. under seemingly normal conditions. So, when a day passed and the group still hadn’t heard from her, they decided to check on her on Sunday evening, Colorado’s Boulder County Sheriff’s Office reported in an official news release.

“When they arrived, they found her camping supplies untouched and no sign of the female,” deputies reported.

Naturally, the group contacted authorities and reported their friend missing. Once police arrived, they began to launch an overnight search but quickly realized that the terrain of Colorado’s Dream Canyon was too rough to traverse at night. In the meantime, they interviewed all of the group members and located the woman’s belongings. The following morning, on Monday, September 12, Boulder County police conducted a large-scale search.

Colorado Camper Slipped While Hiking and Sustained ‘Serious Injuries’

At 7 a.m., Colorado police, rescuers, search dogs and drones combed through Dream Canyon in hopes of finding the camper. After roughly three and a half hours, they finally located her.

“The female reported she had been hiking on Sunday evening and had attempted to climb up a rock when her hand slipped, and she fell, sustaining serious injuries,” deputies said. “She attempted to make her way back to camp but became disoriented in the darkness. She then found a tree and sheltered in place until she was located by rescuers.”

Overnight, the woman had sheltered in place underneath a tree and waited for help to arrive. It is unknown whether she had any supplies on her at the time.

Rescuers provided first aid for the woman on-site and conducted a “complex technical evacuation” to take her back to Boulder Canyon and the Boulder Falls Trailhead.

According to AllTrails, the Boulder Canyon Drive route is a 0.3-mile route that is relatively easy and takes less than a half-hour to complete. Despite the easy terrain, though, there are lots of steps and a “climber’s trail” portion that may pose additional dangers for first-time hikers.

Once back at the trailhead, paramedics then transported the camper to a nearby hospital for additional treatment. At this time, Colorado authorities have not shared details of the woman’s identity or her current condition.

As a reminder, hikers and campers should always have a communication device and emergency gear while exploring the backcountry. Stay safe, Outsiders.