Gabby Petito’s Dad Reacts to Reports Claiming Kiely Rodni’s Body Has Been Found

by Emily Morgan

After a search-and-rescue dive team reported locating the body of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni, Gabby Petito’s father has offered his condolences to the family.

My condolences to #kielyrondi’s family,” he began the sorrowful tweet with a picture of Rodni. “May she rest in peace. The emotions all come back to the surface when you see things like this. #missingpersons #togetherwecan

For Petito, the case hits home. This time last year, like Rodni, his young daughter went missing after she and her boyfriend took a cross-country road trip together. Her disappearance spurred a frantic, highly publicized search that turned to tragedy when authorities found that her boyfriend had strangled her to death in September 2021.

Now, another family is mourning a similar loss. Officials recently found a car upside down with what the divers believed was Rodni’s body inside. Before the grim discovery, Rodni had disappeared around 12:30 a.m. on August 6. She was last seen near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California.

On August 22, Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and Placer County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding locating a body.

“This afternoon, we were notified by volunteer search group Adventures with Purpose they have found a car and a body in the Prosser Reservoir,” the statement reads.

Authorities set to give press conference regarding Kiely Rodni disappearance

“The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Placer County Sheriff’s Office, FBI and allied agencies are at the scene to investigate the findings.” However, they added that “The identity of the decedent has not been confirmed. This is a developing situation, and we will provide updates when we can.”

Officials working on the case are now expected to give a press conference at 2 p.m. EST. 

On Monday, outlets reported that a private investigator had been at Prosser Lake with members of Rodni’s family. At the time, the diving team located what’s thought to be her car and remains.

While the investigator couldn’t share any details, he wrote: “To the team I work with I can’t tell you how much you mean. I am so sorry you are gone Kiely.”

Before this, the volunteer search and rescue dive team confirmed to reporters that the vehicle found in Prosser Lake on Sunday matched the description of the car Rodni went missing in a silver 2013 Honda CRV with a California license plate. 

Earlier, a YouTube account called “Adventures with Purpose” claimed to have located Rodni on Sunday. They wrote on their Facebook page: “WE JUST FOUND KIELY RODNI.” 

The teenager first went missing weeks ago, on August 6. Search efforts in the area had turned up nothing until now. She was last seen partying near the Lake Tahoe region with some friends. In the following weeks, a massive search has been underway. In addition, authorities have not revealed if any foul play was involved.