Georgia Flood: Roads Turn Into Rivers, Cars Fully Submerged Underwater After Heavy Rains

by Megan Molseed

Georgia is facing catastrophic flooding after unprecedented heavy rainfall. The waters are so high that cars are sitting fully submerged. Areas including Chattooga and Floyd counties continue to be under flash flood emergency declarations as well as continued flash flood warnings.

Heavy Rainfall Leads To Disastrous Georgia Flooding

Heavy rainfall in the northwest regions of Georgia is leading to some dangerous flash flooding that is leaving vehicles fully submerged. Even some area homes are sitting nearly completely underwater as of early Sunday morning.

Rain was inundating the area around the southern border of Georgia’s Chattooga County as residents saw more than 10 inches of rainfall in a matter of hours. The flooding has the potential to be “life-threatening” notes reports from the National Weather Service.

The flooding was so fast and furious that first responders had a difficult time navigating paths to those who need help. Some roads, notes one area assistant fire chief, Jaime Dawson, are entirely impassable.

Dawson urged all residents to stay inside where they can remain safe. He also advised area residents that they should only leave their safe areas in the event of a medical emergency.

“We’re trying to evaluate the situation,” Dawson explains. “And help as many folks as we can.”

Local News Stations Share Devastating Effects Dangerous Flash Floods Are Leaving Behind in Georgia

One local meteorologist, FOX5 Atlanta’s Ryan Beesley tweeted regularly during the rains, sharing personal stories of residents who were facing devastating damage as a result of the unrelenting rains. In a Sunday morning Tweet, Beesley shares the story of one family who was camping when the rains hit. The flash flooding that resulted led to the family abandoning their site.

“Daniel Bennett from Calhoun camping in Sloppy Floyd Park in Chattooga County,” meteorologist Ryan Beesley shares in his September 4 Twitter post.

“[F]amily had to abandon their site and rest in RV,” the Fox5 weatherman continues. “Thankfully, they are safe!”

The National Weather Service Warns Floyd County Georgia Roads Are Impassable, Governor Declares State Of Emergency

In a Sunday release, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned residents that multiple roads are completely flooded in Floyd County Georgia. This, the NWS warns makes the roadways impassable.

Governor Brian Kemp issued a state of emergency for the Chattooga and Floyd county area in Georgia by Sunday afternoon.

In the declaration, the governor notes that they are working with “local partners to address the damage in affected communities.”