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Georgia Hunters Claim Man Shot at Them, Scared Away Deer With Loud Music

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Getty Images)

Two deer hunters in Georgia called the police on Nov. 18 claiming that another man not only scared the game away with loud music but also that he shot at them. One of the hunters, aged 61, claimed he was walking into the woods when a man who lived nearby blasted loud music for about 10 minutes. Additionally, he heard a shot that he believed was “aimed in his direction,” according to the police report.

The second hunter, aged 40, claimed he saw the man. He told police he emerged from the woods and saw a man with a pump-action shotgun standing on the porch of the home. The area the hunters were in lies east of Georgia Highway 83, about five miles from Forsyth, GA.

Additionally, police spoke with the man, aged 36. The report noted that he had a 12-gauge shotgun on a chair nearby. According to the police report, the man “turned his radio up very loudly to try and scare the deer away.” He also admitted to firing a shot, but not directly at the hunters.

Police reported that the man was “heavily intoxicated” when they spoke to him. Additionally, he admitted to taking eight shots of tequila while staying up “all night drinking and watching movies.” Police arrested him for discharging a firearm while under the influence.

Man In Georgia Fires Gun at Deer Hunters, While in Missouri Deer Hunting Permits Generate Massive Revenue

Missouri hunters have harvested nearly 200,000 deer during the recent firearms season, generating tons of money for the state. The Missouri Conservation Department has received massive funding from this year’s hunting season, which doesn’t end until January 15, so the amounts could keep growing.

As of Dec. 11, Missouri has amassed $13.3 million from permits sold this season. That comes to about 810,000 permits in total. Approximately 288,799 Missouri residents purchased permits at $17 each, while 22,020 non-resident hunters purchased permits at $265 each. These prices generated $4.9 million and $5.8 million respectively. The remaining $2.6 million came from other license sales related to deer hunting.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, these could be record numbers compared to 2021. Last year, 815,135 deer permits were issued, generating $13,455,180 in revenue. About 277,490 deer were harvested in Missouri by Nov. 30, 2021. So, the numbers this year are looking to surpass last year.

The Missouri Conservation Department credits the colder temperatures to these record deer hunting numbers. Chilly temps typically bring in better harvests, with the largest harvest being in 2018 with 200,738 deer harvested.

“It would have been hard to ask for much better weather during the November portion,” said Missouri Department of Conservation official Jason Isabelle. “To have sustained temperatures that were well below average for nearly the entire season portion was quite remarkable.”