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Georgia Police Rescue Fawn Stuck in Fence: ‘We Saved Bambi’

by Sean Griffin
(Photo credit should read ARNO BURGI/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

The Duluth, Georgia police received a call they could classify as irregular. A young fawn found itself stuck in a fence along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in the city.

Body camera footage from the responding officer captures the entire scene. The officer steps out of his car and is greeted by the woman who made the call.

The man puts on gloves as the woman points him in the right direction. She says “it looks like he was trying to come through [the fence], and he can’t get his back legs.”

“I can definitely try to see if we can maybe help him out some,” the responding officer says as they walk up to the fawn. The fawn looks scared as it stands stuck in front of a row of bushes.

As the officer approaches, the deer tries to free itself even more frantically. He starts flailing and kicking, hoping to get free.

“He might end up getting himself unstuck,” the officer said in response to the fawn’s rapid movements. As the officer approaches, the fawn becomes even more frantic. Then, it starts making noises and thrashing, seeming to beg the policeman not to come forward. It’s apparent the little guy was scared out of his mind.

Right as the man gets up to the deer, he pulls on a piece of the gate. Then, the fawn manages to scoot its hind legs through the fence and darts forward into the bushes.

Fawn Darts Away After Being Freed by Police

The deer seemed uninjured in the incident. The Duluth Police Department had a little fun with the body camera footage, playing the hit Lion King song “Circle of Life” as the deer breaks free.

The entire rescue was then posted to the department’s Facebook page on Monday afternoon.

“We saved Bambi,” the Duluth Police Department captioned their video.

“Sometimes even your neighborhood deer needs our help!” the department continued. “Thankfully, #DPD was called to help this young deer stuck in a fence along Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Officer Lucas arrived and rescued the little one.”

A few locals commented on the post, thanking the department for their efforts. “Thank you for taking care of the beasties as well. Bless you all!” one account wrote.

Another Duluth local wrote: “You do it all, indeed! Awesome, as always, DPD!”

We’re not sure if Officer Lucas or the rest of the department thought they’d see this on their shift. However, when duty calls, duty calls.

Duluth, Georgia is located in Gwinnett County, north of Interstate 85 and approximately 22 miles northeast of the city of Atlanta. As of the 2020 census, Duluth had a population of 31,873.

Notable points in the town include Gwinnett Place Mall, the Gwinnett Civic and Cultural Center, Gas South Arena, Hudgens Center for the Arts, and the Red Clay Theater.