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Get Amped Up For Turkey Hunting Season With Blake Shelton

by Brett Stayton
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Blake Shelton is a busy, busy man. It was recently announced that Blake Shelton would be leaving The Voice to spend more time with his family and on his ranch. Though he is currently reprioritizing his life, he said making music is the one thing he will never walk away from. It’s pretty safe to assume that spending time in the great outdoors is also something that he won’t ever stop doing. The man loves to hunt and fish.

With turkey hunting season on the way, turkey hunters across the country are itching to get outside and start chasing gobblers. With seasons not opening up for a few more months, that itch can be scratched by scouting, practicing your turkey calling, patterning a shotgun, listening to hunting podcasts, getting amped up with awesome hunting videos, and attending the NWTF convention in Nashville.

If you’re putting together a soundtrack for turkey season, make sure Grandaddy’s Gun by Blake Shelton is on there too. Back in 2020, Blake Shelton joined the Call of the Outdoors podcast to talk about turkey hunting. The podcast is hosted by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Blake Shelton Talks Hunting On Call Of The Outdoors Podcast

He talks about how he grew up hunting with his brother in Oklahoma. It was his brother’s interest in hunting that first got him hooked on it too. That has come full circle. He now finds the most joy in helping take new hunters on their first big adventures.

He also talked about plenty of the challenges he had when he first started getting into hunting. Growing up he never had as many opportunities as other folks. Financial barriers also limited the equipment he had access to. Shelton also had to basically learn everything on his own, which came with a steep learning curve. To him, a huge part of hunting is simply getting out there and trying. Even if it’s not a successful hunt or you’re not that good at it, it’s still worth it.

He talks about how storytelling is a major part of hunting culture too. Some of his most memorable hunting stories come up. He talks about his first rifle, practicing with his first bow, the first buck he ever shot, and some of his earliest turkey hunts. Shelton also shares some insights into the epic adventures he’s had hunting caribou in Alaska and alligators down in the south. Then he takes a deep dive into how he manages his own properties to enhance wildlife habitat and maximize hunting opportunities. Fur trapping is also a topic of discussion.

Blake Shelton said deer hunting is his favorite pursuit. But he also revealed that going on a bear hunt is something toward the top of his bucket list. Bear hunting was something he always saw on TV and in magazines as a kid growing up. He’s been enamored by it ever since and is hoping to get out there and do it soon.

Check Out A Few Of Shelton’s Awesome On Camera Turkey Hunts

As for turkey hunting, Blake Shelton said his favorite thing about it is its interactive nature of it. He said he doesn’t just like to sit around and wait when hunting turkeys. He likes to go out there and get ’em. You can tune it with a few of his most memorable turkey hunts on YouTube. One of his hunts from back in 2019 was with the guy who hosted him on the Call of the Outdoors podcast. In 2020 he joined the team from Zink Calls for another epic turkey hunt.