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Get Tuned In For Waterfowl Hunting Season With Ducks Unlimited Migration Reports

by Brett Stayton
Flock Of Mallard Ducks Flies Over Wetland
Photo By Thomas Zsebok Images/Getty Images

With waterfowl hunting season in full swing throughout the United States, hunters everywhere have their minds on the birds. Most dedicated hunters are constantly daydreaming about their next hunting adventure. Even while sitting at a desk or stuck in traffic. One of the very best ways to stay tuned into waterfowl hunting season is by keeping up with waterfowl migration reports from the iconic conservation and waterfowl hunting organization, Ducks Unlimited.

The migration reports are part of Ducks Unlimited’s Waterfowl 360º platform. Waterfowl 360º is the ultimate waterfowling resource. WF360 includes articles, videos, DU Migration Map, Waterfowl ID, and much more. Ducks Unlimited (DU) is a non-profit organization founded in 1937. Their mission is focused on the conservation of wetlands and other habitats for birds. The organization has roughly 700,000 members and is involved with scientific research, political advocacy, and the promotion of hunting.

Thanks to a vast network of DU biologists, field reporters, and other waterfowling experts, Ducks Unlimited provide ongoing, detailed, and frequent updates on their website regarding the wide-scale migration of ducks, geese, and other huntable waterfowl across North America.

Ducks Unlimited Migration Reports Updated Often

Ducks Unlimited has a team of professional writers who collate detailed reports of bird migrations and hunting activity from coast to coast, with an obvious focus on the major flyways. The reports usually include input from biologists either with DU or a state fish and wildlife agency. In just the last few days, detailed migration reports from Oklahoma, the Chesapeake Bay, California, and South Texas have gone live.

Follow Along In Real Time With Updateable Migration Map

The Waterfowl 360º web portal also includes an interactive Migration Map. This map is frequently updated with official reports from Ducks Unlimited employees. It’s also even more often updated by the general public. Duck and goose hunters and bird watchers from around the country can plug their own locations and details about species they’ve seen directly into the map, which updates in real-time. Entries pinned to the map are cataloged chronologically, so migration patterns can be tracked in the most up-to-date way possible.

Track Waterfowl Proactively With Email Alerts

You can also sign up to have migration reports sent straight to your inbox. If you join the online mailing list, you will receive an email every time a new migration report is posted. You can also customize the type of content you see based on geographic location, species, or other various details. On average, about 1-2 emails per flyway get sent out each week. However, updates become more and more frequent as seasonally applicable.

Waterfowl Identification Made Easier

Along with the migration reports, interactive maps, and email alerts, Ducks Unlimited also has an online guide that helps make identifying different types of ducks and geese as simple as possible. Since the waterfowl map relies heavily on citizen science, it’s important that resources are available to make sure those filing reports can be confident they know exactly what species they’re looking at.