Giraffe Tramples Toddler, Mother in Tragic Attack

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

A giraffe went on a stampede at a South African safari park, leaving a toddler dead and sending the mother to fight for her life. Officials said that this is quite a rare attack that took place. The toddler is just 16 months old and her mother is 25 years old. They were rammed at the Kuleni Game Park in KwaZulu-Natal province on Wednesday.

“The child was taken to the nearest doctor’s room where she died,” police Lt. Nqobile Madlala tells the BBC, according to the New York Post. The mother, according to Agence France-Presse, was not identified and is hospitalized in critical condition. This attack took place without warning. SA People reported that the giraffe was possibly protecting a calf at the time.

Giraffe Incident Left Mother, Who Is A Tour Guide, In Critical Condition

Local reports indicated that the mother was a tour guide at this resort. The location promises “absolute luxury in the bush” among zebras, wildebeests, and giraffes. “Enjoy close encounters with animals while walking or cycling the numerous trails,” the park tells guests — promising a “safe environment.” There has been no comment from the park about the incident, according to SA People.

We get more information from police spokesman Lt. Col. Nqobile Gwala. Gwala told SA People that “the circumstances surrounding the attack are still under investigation.” These types of giraffe attacks are reportedly rare. They will most commonly happen when females are protecting their calves.

There Have Been Previous Incidents With Giraffes

But there have been incidents that have happened in the past. Cameraman Carlo Carvalho, 47, was killed in an incident. He was filming for a TV show titled Wild at Heart. According to a report from SA People, an agitated giraffe battered the man with its long neck. Back in 2015, a South African cyclist is discovered to be crushed in a game park. Experts suspect a giraffe was responsible for this, too.

In other giraffe news, one gave birth right in front of visitors at a Virginia zoo. Back on September 9, Imara, who is an endangered Masai giraffe, actually gave birth to her ninth calf. Those in attendance were supposedly in awe of what they were seeing in front of them. The zoo actually made a public announcement about the moment on social media. Another situation happened to bring two giraffes to blows. They were going at it pretty hard and, well, reportedly with some WWE style to the clash. What happens? One giraffe would actually suplex another one in the battle. All of this takes place while one mate looks to get another mate’s attention. Giraffes are amazing animals. They also can be dangerous as we’ve noted here.