Glacier National Park Tourist Arrested After Repeatedly Crashing Car Into Historic Wall

by Megan Molseed

Officials from Glacier National Park have arrested an individual after the man crashed into one of the park’s historic walls, multiple times. The man was reported to be in police custody after officials received several reports regarding the individual’s dangerous driving. The driver was on the Going-to-the-Sun Road early Saturday morning.

Glacier National Park Officials Are Called In After A Dangerous Driver Puts Historic Wall At Risk

This weekend, officials at Montana’s Glacier National Park received multiple reports from the public noting that a dangerous driver was causing issues near the Spraug Campground. According to Glacier National Park’s public information officer, Gina Kerzman the dangerous driver was causing concerns throughout the area.

Going to the Sun Road is one of the popular Montana national park’s biggest tourist attractions. Visitors to Glacier National Park love the area for the incredibly scenic drives…a view that is touted to be one of the most scenic in the world.

Officials were able to finally apprehend the suspect and charged the man in question with disorderly contact. He had evaded officials before crashing his vehicle at the Big Bend area of the popular national park. Big Bend is one of Glacier National Parks’ most scenic viewpoints.

It is not known yet the extent of the damage the vandal has done to the park’s historic wall. Officials have also not released information regarding whether or not this damage has resulted in safety concerns. The investigation is ongoing at the time of this writing.

Going to the Sun Road Offers 50 Miles Of Spectacular Views

The popular location in Glacier National Park features twists and turns along a two-lane highway. While it offers unforgettable views and connections to wildlife, it isn’t always easy to navigate. Because of this, the road is often closed for safety during the winter months.

The 50-mile-long road takes tourists visiting the famous Montana national park around two hours to drive without any stops. However, those driving along the historic highway rarely travel through without stopping to take in the spectacular views. Furthermore, some of the wilderness’s most incredible creatures can be seen living and playing along the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Drivers can expect to spot creatures such as mountain goats or bighorn sheep along the popular scenic route. Sometimes, visitors have even been able to catch a glimpse of one of the area’s fiercest but most incredible creatures, the grizzly bear.