Goat Wreaks Havoc on Arizona Community for Hours, Chasing Residents and Peeing on Deputy

by Jonathan Howard

What do you do when a goat runs roughshod over town? Well, there isn’t much you can do really and Arizona residents realized that this week. The news says a buck named Billy ran all over Tonopah. The poor guy was on the loose and didn’t really know where to go. Maybe Billy was just in a bit of a rut, huh?

During the rampage, the goat was able to slam into a garage door and damage it. He also chewed up an electrical wire and then chase someone around a car. This sounds like a goat that has been sitting idle for too long with nothing to do and he finally got some freedom.

Billy Gets Busted

I know with my own goats that they can be some of the most ornery animals on God’s Green Earth. However, there are always some tricks you can play to convince one of these beasts to do what you want them to do. Or at least make them pause a bit. If someone just put out a bit of corn or grain, this billy goat wouldn’t have been such a menace, I believe.

However, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office decided to go about things differently. They were in hot pursuit and finally had the animal wrangled. After putting some “special handcuffs” on the goat, what I suspect were hobbles, the situation was over…

That was until Billy peed on one of the deputies.

Looking at the picture of Billy from the original story, it looks like he is a Nubian goat or a mix. These dairy-dual purpose animals are great for milk production, being one of the highest producers of butterfat among domesticated breeds. A buck can get to about a meter tall and weigh upwards of 170 pounds. They aren’t huge animals, but they aren’t small, either.

Personally, I’d say by the behavior this goat displayed and the photo taken by police, he’s a bit skinny. It’s been dry all over the American Southwest and that can cause some issues with livestock weight. Thankfully, Billy the goat was taken back to where he needed to be and will no longer be snacking on electrical wires.

Goat Causes Mayhem in Alabama

Meanwhile, if we go to the east, we get to a story out of Alabama last week. There’s something about goats and police, the two just don’t get along I guess. Because when an Alabama officer was confronted with a goat in front of him, he didn’t know what to do. The animal was able to gain access to the cruiser, and from there it got worse.

The paperwork that was in the officer’s car was eaten and there was a lot more trouble caused. In fact, this wasn’t the work of one, but two goats. They had a little plan going on and were able to distract the police officer and then let the other gain access to the car.

Now I just want Oceans 11 but an all-goat cast.