Grandmother Brutally Attacked, Eaten Alive by Monster Python

by Shelby Scott
Photo by Axel Heimken/picture alliance via Getty Images

A 54-year-old grandmother from Indonesia suffered a horrific death after she was found having been brutally attacked and eaten alive by a monster python late Friday night.

The Daily Mail reports that the attack victim, Jarah, was from the Jambi province of Sumatra. She had headed into the jungle near her family home Friday evening in order to collect rubber. However, she soon went missing and her family reported the incident to authorities.

Officials then sent out search parties to locate Jarah. However, it wasn’t until two days later that they found her body within the extremely tight confines of a massive 22-foot-long python’s stomach. Locating the intimidatingly large reptile in the forest, authorities killed and cut the snake open, finding Jarah’s body inside.

Sadly, Anto, the head of Jarah’s village, believes the 54-year-old woman likely suffered an agonizing death. He thinks the python used its immense strength to constrict and, eventually, kill the woman. Officials believe the unimaginable ordeal could have taken as much as two hours.

Anto stated the snake, after locating Jarah, would have used its fangs—angled backward for grip—to pin the woman in place. It would have then wrapped its massive body around her. It would have then squeezed her body so tightly that she would have been unable to breathe. After (hopefully) dying via suffocation, the python would have unlocked its jaws and swallowed the woman whole. The news outlet states that if officials hadn’t located the python and killed it, it could have taken the predator several weeks to completely digest its meal. When officials actually cut into the snake, Jarah was found largely intact, clothes included.

Jarah’s Death Has Villagers Worried About Other Nearby Giant Pythons

While officials managed to trap and kill the 22-foot-long python that killed Jarah, Anto states things in his village are now tense as the woman’s family, friends, and neighbors worry other, larger predatory snakes could attempt to attack more people.

Before Jarah’s death Friday, Sumatran officials had attempted to pin down a 27-foot-long python. However, Anto states the creature was too strong to overpower. He said, “Villagers are now worried that bigger snakes are still in the forest. The presence of this giant snake has also swallowed two resident goats.”

These snakes, however, have preyed on humans before. In 2017, a person named Akbar Salubiro was also cut from the stomach of a python after they’d been eaten alive on the West Sulawesi island.

Unfortunately for the Indonesian people, this is their reality. Per the news outlet, Indonesia is home to a large population of giant reticulated pythons which is the longest snake species in the world. They are native to South and Southeast Asia and are at zero risk of endangerment.