Group of Cowboys in Florida Heroically Rescue Man Stranded in Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

by Suzanne Halliburton
Paul Hennessy/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

They call themselves the Collier County Cowboys. And the group decided to report on Hurricane Ian via Instagram as it slammed Florida this week. After all, it made near direct landfall on their hometown between Naples and Fort Myers.

And along the way, the group did good deeds, like rescue a man from a flooded car. The rain and storm surge were so strong that water was waist-deep in the streets. It looked as if they were crossing a river. The man was stranded inside a yellow car, which was quickly filling with water.

Check out the rescue:

Lemi Grava and the rest of the group talked about their Hurricane Ian experiences while on Jesse Waters Prime Time on Fox News.

Grava described how his posse rescued the man.

It was pretty bad,” Grava said. “We wanted to get to the beach. We noticed that no one was covering it out there and wanted to make sure everyone was safe. The surge came in pretty quick. It came in really fast, actually. We started making our way back and as we were coming back, it was starting to get three, four, five feet of water in some areas. It got rough pretty quick.”

Hurricane Ian Storm Surge Brutalized This Area

It sounds super scary. A storm as massive as Hurricane Ian, with its 150 miles per hour winds, pushed a wall of water with it as it churned through the Gulf of Mexico. Then once the eye made landfall, so did the water. The surge was five feet, meaning the water covered everything on land that’s five feet of elevation or lower.

Here’s more from Grava. He first described the driver as “distraught.”

“He had no idea what was going on. We really felt bad for him. He tried to get out. He didn’t have enough power to get out of the car, and the water was pressing on the car. So, we were able to jam it open. We were able to get him out … We haven’t touched base with him since. (And) we took him to safety.”

Then another someone saw what was happening and joined in to helping the guy in the car.

“It was another gentleman that came next to us. He said he had a house about a mile back, and he took him to his house, and he said that he’ll take him back home. We weren’t able to stay in touch with him just yet, but I’m sure we will.”

The Collier County Cowboys are based in San Benito, Fla. That’s southeast of Fort Myers, where Hurricane Ian made landfall, and due north of Naples, which received a strong storm surge. Gov. Ron DeSantis said that the surge flooded the Naples downtown area.

As if Friday morning, Hurricane Ian still was in the Atlantic. It’s highest sustained winds were 85 miles per hour as it slowly approaches the coast of South Carolina for another landfall sometime today.

But for those in the Carolinas, the Collier County Cowboys would like a word.

“This is bad.”