Hawaiian Angler Takes the ‘Ride of a Lifetime’ While Marlin Fishing From a Kayak

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Kelly Dalling

Jason Freitas, an avid angler from Hawaii, recently reeled in the highly coveted black marlin while fishing from his kayak.

According to an Instagram post, Freitas, a native of Pahoa, Hawaii, was fishing in 240 feet of the deep sea using live “opelu” or mackerel for his bait. He hoped to reel in some yellowfin tuna or wahoo at the time. However, he set his sights on something completely different when he heard a thunderous splash behind him.

“I turned and looked, and I saw one marlin jumping but none of my poles were going off,” Freitas later told news outlets. “I kind of just looked at it, grabbed my pole, reeled it in, and I watched the slack of my line slowly come across toward the fish that hooked onto it.”

As he describes, his relaxing day of fishing quickly turned into four hours of intense fighting as the black marlin towed Freitas and his boat several miles offshore. However, Freitas had to tread carefully as he was using a 40-pound test fluorocarbon line.

Angler reels in a behemoth of a black marlin after learning how to fish from a kayak just one year ago

“This bad boy took me for a ride of a lifetime. At points, it dragged me [at speeds of] up to seven miles per hour,” he continued on Instagram. “I was definitely not prepared for what I had just experienced.”

Despite the struggle, Freitas brought in the behemoth of the black marlin next to his kayak and secured it with his uncle’s help. His uncle also ensured Freitas stayed safe during the grueling fight.

According to Frietas, he estimated the fish weighed around 250 pounds. Later, to celebrate his catch, he smoked over 100 pounds of its meat to share with friends and family.

For many anglers, successfully reeling in a black marlin is the holy grail of fishing. In addition, Freitas’ catch is all the more impressive as he learned how to fish from his kayak only a year ago.

However, he’s not the only kayak angler to go viral online for hooking into a marlin this year. In May, Scott Mutchler went to bat with a 600-pound marlin while fishing from his kayak off the coast of Panama.

Black marlins are considered by many fishing authorities to be amongst the world’s premiere game fish. With size on their side, they make for one of the most challenging fish to catch.

In addition, Black marlins grow exceptionally fast. According to experts, young black marlins can reach around 33 pounds in their first year, 110 pounds in their third year, and given enough food supply, a “grander” female black, about 1000 pounds, is possible when they’re as young as 10-12 years old. While males and females are indistinguishable externally, females have a much larger size. Males rarely grow more than eight feet long and exceed 440 pounds.