Helicopter Hits Power Line, Crashes to the Ground in Heart-Stopping Video

by Taylor Cunningham
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A video of a helicopter hitting a power line before crashing to the ground is shocking people as it circulates the internet, but not for obvious reasons.

The accident, which took place on Wed Sept. 21, has gone viral because everyone aboard survived. And after watching, it’s clear that it’s a miracle.

The jaw-dropping footage shows the helicopter flying low over a field in Engenheiro Caldas, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The craft was carrying Brazilian MP Hercílio Araújo Diniz, 59, who is running for reelection, and David Barroso, 45, the deputy mayor of Governador Valadares. Pilot Fabiano Rufino and Luciano Viana, a member of Diniz’s campaign team, were also onboard.

Helicopter Tangles in Power Line Before Nosediving and Bursting into Flames

The video captures the chopper as it goes into a descent. The pilot seemingly doesn’t see the power line, and the helicopter strikes it, causing a burst of light and electricity. It then appears to lose power and dangles for a few moments before falling straight to the ground. Upon impact, the chopper bursts into flames.

The video cuts out as the shocked onlookers rush to the scene. And it picks back up after firefighters get the flames under control and begin to carry the passengers to an ambulance by stretcher. After being rescued, all the passengers went to a private, local hospital.

Not only did all of the passengers survive, but they also escaped with only minor injuries.

Officials Say Pilot Lost Control of Chopper

According to the fire department, the pilot lost control in the moments leading to the collision. When he did, the helicopter landed on the side of a highway. The municipalities of Sobrália and Fernandes Tourinho subsequently lost electricity.

The crash comes just after another politician, presidential candidate Dimitri Flores, walked away from a similarly harrowing helicopter crash in the Panama jungle.

A video shows the lawyer flying over a mountain range before hitting a thick patch of fog as he heads toward the city of David. He then loses control and fell into a thick mess of trees.

To get help, Flores recorded a message and posted it on social media. Because of that, a rescue effort quickly came together. However, it took three hours before crews could get through the forest and bring them to safety.

“Jaramillo, brother. It crashed,” he please in the message. “We need someone to rescue us, please. I’m sure we’ve had legs and arms broken.”

Flores was traveling with five other passengers, and all of them lived through the accident.

“Wow. We are six people,” Flores added. “Thank God that we are alive.”